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Almost a good idea...

I got singularity two because it looked like a fun little shooter and I had the extra money... well I'm 50$ lighter and not so happy about it. It had some good mechanics... had they been used right it would have been a fun game. Now I say this alot, but it reminds me too much of modern warfare. The gunplay is poor, very poor and the AI acts like its been smashing its head away against a wall since the game loaded up, the sounds are weak and the enemy variety is weaker, puzzles are easy or nonexistant and the time mechanic is a failure, its not even fun to use. another thing i want to stress is LEVEL DESIGN. I hate poor level design. I know they try to stagger the levels a little, but people: coridoor open space coridoor is NOT the solution. There are other places than coridoors for gunfights and other places than little open rooms. These people need to get it through their fucking heads that as gamers sooner or later we get sick of running down the same goddamn tunnel shooting the same motherfuckers. This game was a waste of time and money, had the time mechanic been implimented better it wouldnt have entirely failed, but GUNPLAY, people. I think that killed it the most. A gun should kick, it should have good animation, it should be fun to use, there should be no god guns and most of all a gun should sound like a gun, (I've fired real guns so the sounds in games usually dissapoint me), however there are some games that do it right, the problem is: this isnt one. So if you wanna burn a nice chunk of money I'll give you matches because you'll get more enjoyment out of that than this game.

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