Sink or Swim

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released December 1994

    A puzzle-platformer in which the hero Kevin Cordner has to rescue various people on a sinking ship. By moving blocks and activating conveyor belts paths to the exit can be created for the panicky passengers and crew.

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    Sink or Swim is a puzzle-platformer developed by UK developers Zeppelin Games (now Eutechnyx) and released for the Amiga, Game Gear, SNES, Genesis and PC. The Sega versions of the game are known as S.S. Lucifer: Man Overboard!.

    Its gameplay follows the "guide the brainless" conceit established by Lemmings, in which the player has to manage a group of entities that march along a set path to their potential demise. In order to save the crew of the SS Lucifer, Kevin Cordner has to activate various mechanisms on the ship and use his bombs to clear items in order to create a path to the exit for the stage's passengers in peril.


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