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Holy Crap! 4X Sci-Fi Gameplay at it's best?! 3

The latest foray into the space-based genre of RTS games takes its form in Sins of a Solar Empire, the first and rather highly anticipated title from Ironclad Games. On the surface, Sins appears to be no more than a Homeworld or Hegemonia clone, but a closer inspection of the title unveils a simplified yet altogether brilliantly constructed 4X game. For those not familiar with the term 4X stands for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate, describing games along the lines of the Civilization an...

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The seriousness will make you happy. 0

Sins of a Solar Empire is real time (space) strategy game recently released by Stardock, who are most (deservedly) famous for being the makers of Galactic Civilizations 1&2, which almost single handedly revived the 4X space genre after the failure of MOO3. As such, it is tempting to think of Sins as an RTS GalCiv2, but, for good or for ill, nothing could be further from the truth. (this is partly because the game was *published by Stardock, not developed by them) The game promises deep strat...

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Slower Than Molasses 1

Sins of a Solar Empire was released to a great deal of critical acclaim. As a huge RTS fan myself, I could not have been more disappointed by Sins of a Solar Empire. While a game with high production value and from a company that is absolutely fantastic, I could not find the content for me to keep coming back to this game.It plays as any other RTS does, but in this case on a galactic scale. Its comparable to Twilight Imperium the board game (one I loved so much). You start with one planet and by...

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The Exploding Sins of an Empire 0

   Sins of a Solar Empire is a really tight kick butt game, that if you are strategy fan you will love this game.  There are a total of three groups to play: the TEC, the Vasari, and The Advent.  Each race has an awesome array of weapons and a myriad of units.  Although this is good they all really are not that different.  They can become pretty boring if you don't use your imagination when playing this game.  The graphics, if your computer can handle it, are wicked awsome and can blow your mind...

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Sinning Never Felt So Good 0

I am very glad to say that the game has been improved on wonderfully since beta. The developers have done exactly what all developers should do when incorporating Open Betas into their development process. Let’s start with Graphics. One word here, prettyfull. And yes I know that’s not a real word. The Ships look much better than the previous Betas. Bump mapping and all, but for those of you on machines that should be in a museum there are options to turn all that stuff down. The planets are the...

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These sins can quite readily be forgiven. 0

This game kicks ass. It's pretty much a combination of Homeworld 2 and any regular 4X space empire game. You could also see it as a space version of Supreme Commander, it's goddamn epic. Like, battles with fleets of over 200 ships.Plus, there's absolutely no DRM, if you know what I mean. While I describe it as Supreme Commander in Space, Sins has a much better UI. Supreme Commander wasn't all that great IMO because the pacing was slow as hell and you had to individually upgrade all the tiny li...

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