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Sir Edwin Motte is a paladin of great skill and nobility. His good deeds have not gone unnoticed by a powerful necromancer named Kazen Fecae. Kazen has employed several seasoned necromancers to bring back Motte's head, but all have failed. This task is the first step in completing the quest for the necromancer epic weapon known as the Scythe of the Shadowed Soul.

Motte can be found in four different locations, but there's no guarantee where he'll be at any given time. In Freeport, he hangs out at the Seafarer's Roost at night. If Talym Shoontar, Imxil Tbrow, or Grolfah Steadirt are at the Roost, Edwin will not be in for a while.


  • East Freeport - Seafarer's Roost
  • Highpass Hold
  • Mountains of Rathe
  • Qeynos Hills



  • Guards of Qeynos
  • Knights of Truth
  • Steel Warriors

Opposing Factions

  • Corrupt Qeynos Guards
  • The Freeport Militia

Related Quests


  • Fine Steel Two Handed Sword
  • Head of Sir Edwin Motte
  • Ringmail Bracelet
  • Ringmail Cape

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