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    Siren: Blood Curse

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jul 24, 2008

    Siren: Blood Curse is the PlayStation 3 installment in Sony's horror franchise, available for download in episodic packs on PlayStation Network.

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    An American crew of documentary filmmakers travel to Japan to investigate a 'disappeared' village, only to find that its residents have become bloodthirsty abominations. Siren: Blood Curse is a re-imagination of the original Forbidden Siren released on the PlayStation 2 in 2003.


    Dark, gritty environments are typical in Siren: Blood Curse.
    Dark, gritty environments are typical in Siren: Blood Curse.

    Siren: Blood Curse is an action-adventure game with survival horror elements. While controlling seven different characters in short snippets (as if they were episodes in a TV series-- very much like Alan Wake did in early 2010), you move around town, avoiding and hiding from the Shibito villagers who have turned ravenous. You can 'sightjack' these villagers with some characters by using the L2 button, allowing you to see -- via split-screen -- what they see. You can also swing melee weapons and shoot firearms via a targeting system.



    Blood Curse is available in North America only through the PlayStation Store. There are twelve episodes of the game, and you can opt to buy all twelve for $39.99, or in four-episode chunks (1-4, 5-8, 9-12) for $14.99. A disc version was released in Japan, Asia, and Europe regions. The Asian version features English voice audio and subtitles.

    Unlocking Hidden Mini Games

    On Episode 8, Melissa Gale's stage, before reaching the Waiting Room or after reuniting with Bella, go down into the basement and hide Bella in the incinerator using the "Hide" command. A cut scene will play and Bella will find a portable gaming hand held. This is archive item #32: JOYLiNK - Ultra Network King.

    Now on the main menu, select "ARCHIVES" and view item #32. When you check out this archive, you will unlock the " MINI GAMES" option on the main menu. Note that in order to be able to play these mini-games, you must be logged onto the PlayStation Network.


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