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    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Nov 06, 2003

    A stealth-based horror game that takes place in the small village of Hanuda, Japan. The main enemies are zombie-like creatures known as Shibitos.

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    Siren (Forbidden Siren in Europe and Australia) is a stealth horror game where 10 survivors are trapped on the Japanese village of Hanuda which is surrounded by a blood-red sea and where the villagers are turned into the living dead.


    The quiet village of Hanuda has a ritual in which the villagers plunge themselves into the blood-red sea only to re-emerge as the Shibito (Living dead) to resurrect the Datatsushi. Some of the survivors are residents of the village refusing to go into the sea, while others are there investigating the cult.


    Siren takes place in different locations ranging from schools, hospitals and mines. The silence and the light source only from your flashlight make this game really atmospheric, making you stop regularly to check around the corner.


    The game is split up into different segments which jump between the 10 different characters over a 3 day period. The gameplay consists of stealth and action. The player has a certain ability called “sightjack” which allows the player to see into the eyes of the Shibito or their partner with them. By “sightjacking” the player can learn the patterns of the Shibito and sneak past them. The player can also create distractions by shouting, causing the Shibito to move in their direction. Depending on the character, the items such as weapons which they carry will change. The Shibito however cannot be killed, only knocked out. So if you knock one out and come back you might be surprised.



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