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Siren's Grotto
Siren's Grotto

Siren's Grotto is hidden underwater along the northern cliffs of Cobalt Scar. It is a dangerous place for a multitude of reasons. First of all, the sirens of Velious are extremely territorial and do not take kindly to visitors of any race. The entire grotto is full of various aquatic creatures including fierce seahorses that have the ability to see even those who are normally invisible. Even the dry land here is not safe, as hulking bulthars, molkors, and ulthorks will crush anyone they see as a threat. As dangerous as the region is, it is equally as beautiful. Many travelers have been lured to their deaths due to the mystical architecture, crystal waters, and glowing wildlife. Those diving deep into the waters of the grotto will discover an elaborate temple the sirens have built for E'ci. Mistress Latazura, possibly one of the most powerful enchanters in the world, can be found here along with many other siren priestesses. Siren's Grotto is obviously quite risky to enter, but it is the only way to reach the Western Wastes where one can find the Dragon Necropolis and the fabled Temple of Veeshan. Most adventurers learn quickly how to traverse the grotto with the utmost speed, as they make countless runs from the Cobalt Scar dragon portal to the Temple of Veeshan.

Neighboring Zones


  • Sirens of the Grotto


Notable NPCs

  • Ailing Walrus
  • Alluring Siren
  • Faleniel of Darkwater
  • Fellspine
  • High Priestess Sercema
  • Mistress Latazura
  • Mistress of the Darkwater
  • Neriad Sea Princess
  • Neriad Weaver
  • Siren Beguiler
  • Siren Coercer
  • Siren Enticer
  • Siren Myrmidon
  • Siren Seductress
  • Siren Temptress
  • Twitching Swordfish
  • Ulth the Enraged
  • Wygrish

Notable Items

  • Ancient Fishing Pole
  • Ancient Seahorse Hide Cloak
  • Behemoth's Fangs
  • Boots of Bending Water
  • Bowl of Watery Protection
  • Chain Eyepatch
  • Cloak of the Seacaller
  • Conch Shell Horn
  • Coral Embedded Cloth Shawl
  • Coral Encrusted Vambraces
  • Drums of the Beast
  • Enchanted Kelp Gauntlets
  • Enchanted Kelp Leggings
  • Enticing Ruby Earring
  • Fellspine's Tail
  • Flawless Steel Mask
  • Gloomwater Bow
  • Gloves of Watery Distraction
  • Kelp Cap of the Weaver
  • Kelp Robe
  • Kelp Wrapped Gloves
  • Leather Greaves of Civility
  • Lyendlln's Lute
  • Mask of Swirling Water
  • Marvelous Stone Ring
  • Neriad Shawl
  • Netted Kelp Armor
  • Ornately Runed Shell Necklace
  • Prismatic Jeweled Stud
  • Ravaging Tsunami Elemental
  • Runed Walrus Fang Ring
  • Runed Walrus Hide Cloak
  • Rusted Ring of Power
  • Sargasso Spear
  • Seahorse Spine Bracelet
  • Shimmering Scale Bracer
  • Simple Coral Bracelet
  • Siren Hair Earring
  • Siren Hair Locket
  • Siren Skin Sleeves
  • Sleeves of the Kepmaidens
  • Spiked Seahorse Hide Belt
  • Spined Seahorse Hide Breastplate
  • Vyledorinajirnak the Sea's Justice
  • Walrus Skin Drum
  • Waterlogged Cloak of the Sea
  • Wicked Pauldron
  • Woven Kelp Sandals
  • Woven Kelp Waistband
  • Writ of Gentle Songs

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