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    Sirrus is one of the main characters of the Myst saga. Originally seen trapped inside a prison book, he, along with Achenar, are the general antagonists throughout the story.

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    Sirrus was born in 1779(earth years) and is the younger son of Atrus and Catherine. He was raised on Myst island, along with his brother Achenar, being introduced to the many ages his father created. As the brothers grew older, they sought to reign over these ages as kings, plundering the resources and terrorizing the inhabitants. In fear of his parents' response to their actions, Sirrus approached Achenar with a plan to entrap them. Sirrus tricked Catherine in linking to Riven, while Achenar removed a page from Atrus' linking book, rendering them both unable to return to Myst.

    As he continued to spoil the ages, Sirrus linked to Spire. When he arrived he found himself trapped in dreary age with no life to be found. He spent much of his time either searching for a way out, or experimenting with the natural minerals. Through his tests he was eventually able to create a reaction that resulted in a powerful explosion.

    Twenty years after Sirrus was imprisoned, Atrus and Catherine had a linking chamber built into the age as a way to safely communicate with their son. Through the chamber, he met his sister, Yeesha, and learned that his parents were teaching her the art of writing ages. Jealous of this fact, he used his recent explosion discovery to break through the linking chamber and kidnap Yeesha. He took her to Serenia in a plan to switch mind and body and learn the art himself. Achenar, with the help of The Stranger, reversed the process, Sirrus dying as a result.


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