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    Sis is a young mute bodyguard for Albatross, who likes to dual-wield revolvers.

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    Sis is the personal bodyguard to


    and both work for the shadowy organization G22. Sis appears to be mute, and prefers to weild a pair of revolvers in combat. She is fast, and deadly accurate with her weapons of choice.

    Sis carries a locket with an emblem of St. George upon it. The locket has great significance to Sis, although it is uncertain exactly what that significance is. Depending on the player's choices Sis may give this locket to Thorton which is a profound display of trust and appears to make Albatross a bit jealous if he is made aware that Sis gave


    the locket.

    Thorton and Sis first meet while Thorton is infiltrating the yacht of Russian Mobster Lazlo to aquire vital intelligence. Sis and G22 agents attack, forcing a fight. The player can then choose to kill or spare Sis. If killed it will have a negative impact on all future dealings with Albatross, suggesting that he is very close to Sis.

    Sis will reappear during the final mission, if Thorton spared her earlier, and he chooses Albatross as a handler. She frees Michael from the medical bay, and helps him in his encounter with Parker.


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