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    Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 24, 2011

    A point-and-click adventure game developed by Ryan Henson Creighton (age 33) with art, voice, and music by Cassie Creighton (age 5).

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    Sissy loves ponycorns. She embarks on an adventure through the rainbows to find all five ponycorns and put them in jars. In her journey she befriends OrangeBoy and an overturned turtle, and makes a lifelong enemy of an evil lemon.

    The game was developed during the sixth Toronto Indie Game Jam, over the course of three days. Cassie supplied all the art assets (in the form of crayon drawings), voiced the lead character Sissy, and played harmonica for the game's musical score. Cassie's father, Ryan Henson Creighton, programmed and designed the game using the Untold Graphic Adventure Game System.

    The game is currently hosted on Untold Entertainment's website, with ad revenue and Paypal donations contributing to Cassie's future education.


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