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    The first Sister the player meets in The Void / Tension.

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    The Nameless Sister, or Sister Death, is the first Sister the player meets in the Void. She accepts the Colors of Gold and Emerald, and cannot be poisoned by any Color. She is the youngest of the Sisters, and as such has no associated Brother. Being the first sister he meets, she is the one who gives the main character what passes as a tutorial.

    She gives him one of her hearts to travel, and during Confusion, she will also tear out her other heart and commit suicide to help the player character out. She dies, but can be revived with a large amount of color.

    If you ascend her, she gives you this poem:

    "We never heard again once we departed – the sinner's prayers sound in discord... An earthly god's communion is reward from priests in temples never started. The dreams of madness change our saviour, we are as bees abandoned by the hive... Like the men of fallen Troy we now strive, and flames predict the time of our failure. By breathing gusts, we're led into solution, long paths unfolding; roads we've never walked – we stroll in blindness as a herdless flock. Rolling thunder, earth and lighting fusion, exploding fires of doubt and disdain... Our dream's meaning, the world will never gain.”


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