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    Six Flags Fun Park

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 10, 2009

    Six Flags Fun Park is a mini game collection for Wii and DS based on the Six Flags theme park with 40 mini games based on the park's different attractions.

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    Explore Six Flags Fun Park!
    Explore Six Flags Fun Park!
    Six Flags Fun Park is an adventure / mini-game title developed by 7 Studios and published by UbiSoft Entertainment , that combines Animal Crossing’s “lots to do in a relaxing environment” feel with the frantic mini-game action of Carnival Games and a RPG-style quest system. It is presented in a third-person overhead view for the adventure portions, and in first or third-person views when playing mini-games.

    Six Flags Fun Park is based on the theme parks (Six Flags Fun Park features some names and iconology from Six Flags but is not based on any current park or rides) and has you exploring the park, completing quests by taking part in a variety of mini-games. 


    Game Modes

    Six Flags Fun Park offers two types of game modes, the quest-filled Adventure mode and the one-to-four player Party Mode that features over 25 games (and more are unlocked once certain Adventure tasks are completed).

    Adventure Game Flow

    Some of the wacky characters.
    Some of the wacky characters.
    Once you create a character the game opens up, giving you multiple options. Six Flags Fun Park is set in a large open-world environment, meaning it can be freely explored - games can be played, secrets found and many prizes won without finishing one quest. That said, completing quests are what moves the storyline along, opening up many more abilities, areas, games and special prizes as a result. Quests can be ignored or resumed at any time without worrying about forgetting goals, thanks to an auto-updating quest log.


    Everything in Six Flags Fun Park is controlled with just the Wii Remote. The character is moved by pointing an animated 3D hand icon around the screen and holding the A Button or point-and-clicking on spots in the environment (much like Zack & Wiki). To select park games, interact with background elements or initiate conversations with other characters just hover the icon over the object and press a button.

    The Park

    Run around between zones
    Run around between zones
    Six Flags Fun Park encompasses five large themed areas (four of which are open to the player from the start) packed with running kids, interactive objects and mini-games.

    • HomeTown Square - This small town is the starting area featuring many major storyline characters and a combination of sports and city-inspired carnival games. Between quests race on the speedway or try your skill at the fishing game on the park lake.

    • Frightfest - Spooky forests, bubbly pools of goo and mist-filled graveyards can be found this darkened section of the park. Clear ghosts from the Eerie Inn to score some major coin and discover how to get through the haunted maze.

    • Hurricane Harbor - Sandy beaches, fort-like structures and lots of wooden docks combine to make a pirate paradise. Some strange islands sit just off the shore, welcoming those who discover how to make the trip...

    • AstroCity - Green slime waterfalls mix with the orange martian soil to give this area an alien like feel. Jump into craters to find secret areas or shortcuts, and be sure to leave the path often to discover hidden characters and quests.

    The Games

    Bowl some Bombs
    Bowl some Bombs
    Six Flags Fun Park has 40 themed games and rides to play in the Adventure Mode, and each give out stuffed prizes, currency or clothing pieces (depending on the type of game) - the better the score, the better the possible reward. Stuffed prizes can be used for quest requirements or traded in for special costume pieces.

    Nearly all games cost either Coins or Tickets, but more currency can easily be collected by playing other types of games or interacting with different background objects (for example, shaking trees or jumping into trash cans might net you some money).

    In the Party Mode, slightly modified versions of most of the mini-games can be played with one-to-four people.

    Development History

     Six Flags Fun Park began as an original project for Brash Entertainment , simply called Fun Park. However, Brash later felt the game needed a license, and signed a deal with Six Flags in the final months of development. The Six Flags license was chosen because it would have had minimal effect on the overall game's development - one minigame was changed due to a  corporate aversion to fire , while all of the other changes were purely text-based.
    Six Flags Fun Park finished development in August of 2008, but Brash's looming corporate collapse interfered with its release. While the DS version was released in limited quantities in October of 2008, the Wii version was never released. Once Brash declared bankruptcy, however, UbiSoft acquired the rights to publish the game, to be released on March 10th, 2009.

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