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Dude, they almost nailed it! 1

Moves which seen tame on the Tony Hawk's games feel great and rewarding hereAfter the release of "skate." in 2007, many were surprised by it's trampling of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground which was released shortly after. The game's fresh and more realistic take on the skating genre proved popular with consumers, despite the game having issues simply from being a new untested series. In skate 2, the satisfying gameplay remains and then some, but some problems from the original game also make a return...

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A polished, stylish, fun-filled & feature-packed game. 0

EA Blackbox took advantage of a downbeat genre to release ‘Skate’ back in 2007; a critical darling which dumped arcade high-scoring gameplay for a more realistic trick-centric approach. Though the first game received oodles of praise for its innovative design, it wasn’t without some obvious flaws and Skate 2 does its best to eradicate most of them.Story wise, Skate 2 continues a few years after the conclusion of the first game, 5 years to be exact, all passed away incarcerated in San Van prison....

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Problems do remain but it's still the better skateboarding game 0

I do admit that i never played the first Skate, but the demo stayed on my hard drive for over a year as i got addicted to the new, interesting control scheme and focus on realism. When the demo for Skate 2 was released i was disappointed by the extreme short time limit to skate around.  I knew then and there that i will own Skate 2 and now i do my opinion on the game has changed.The game starts you off after the events of Skate It for the Wii as San Vanelona has been rebuilted after an earthquak...

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Fun for what it is, but too short. 0

The Maloof Money Cup add on is relatively well priced, 240 points, but is extremely short. You get a new map designed to simulate the real Maloof Money Cup course and as expected, you have to complete two contests. One for street and one for vert. If you beat the single player campaign, you will have no problem beating these easily. I finished both in 10 minutes at most. It also adds new free skate activities and achievements which should add more playtime. Overall, the map is fun but theres jus...

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My return to the skating game genre was well worth it. 0

I'll be honest, It's been a long time since I played a skating game.  I think the last one was Tony Hawk 2... or maybe 3, for the N64.  So, some of the things I praise may be things that came along in the first Skate or previous skating games, I just don't feel like doing the research to find out.  First of all, an open world really gives a lot to a skating game, allowing you to find cool spots and seek out challenges on your own.  Secondly, the controls really work well.  The flick-based trick ...

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Gnar Sesh 0

In 2001 I got my fair share of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. Living in a house full of college guys, TH3 was constantly being played by someone. After burning out on it, my interest in skateboarding games waned. With this year's return of the Skate franchise, I decided to jump on board.The folks at EA have completely dominated the Hawk franchise, building a realistic world in which actual physics play a big part of the skating experience. The first Skate refreshed the action sports game market, and Sk...

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Skate 2 kickflips my heart 0

  2007’s Skate was, by no exaggeration, groundbreaking. EA’s decision to compete with the mega-successful Tony Hawk  Bolts, baby. Bolts. franchise wasn’t all that surprising, but the method in which they chose to enter the fray. Rather than mimic Activision’s powerhouse, they instead chose to take a more realistic approach. There would be no tailslides across power lines, vert sessions at Area 51, or 1080 degree spins above the stage at a KISS concert. Instead, Skate kept itself grounded in rea...

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A sequel which fails to learn from the first game's problems 1


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Improvements... Technically. 0

   I've had this game since it came out, so this review is well and truly late coming, but it has been sitting here unfinished since about three weeks after the release, and it just felt wrong not to post it. The first Skate came out swinging and almost instantly knocked Tony Hawk off his skate game thrown. For years the Tony Hawks series had dominated the genre, offering practically the only decent representation of skateboarding, and apart from a brief uprise in the form of Thrasher, it was ...

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I have one thing to say Hall of Meat 0

Skate was a very fun and enjoyable gamr for me. I had played some Tony Hawk games before and after playing skate i havent touched them at all. So Skate 2 makes some great improvements from Skate, like an upgraded trick system, you can walk too but it seems a little clunky, and then theres the whole new San Vanelona it has great areas for skate parks, and the chanllenges that were littered around were very enjoyable. And you can also like in the first Skate ride with the pros. The person customiz...

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A Great Expansion to Skate 2 0

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza is a wonderful expansion to the Skate 2 world. The DLC is relatively cheap at a price of $5 on the Playstation Store and if you love Skate 2, it is well worth your money. The Fantasy Plaza is based off of the real building that is featured in the show, "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory". If you've seen the show, you'll recognize a lot of areas that are directly copied from the building. But the main Plaza isn't the only thing included in this package. A larger area on the ...

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5% Inspiration,95%Perspiration 0

     Skate 2 Is a game that is quite offputting at first,difficult to master,and incredibly frustrating,as the difference between making a trick and becoming a mess of tangled wreckage is literally a matter of millimeters.However,when it occasionally all works out perfectly,when the pieces fall in place and you ace that one gap or perfect line you've been laboring away at,it almost gives a euphoric sense of contentment and accomplishment.        After fashioning your character(or lack thereof),y...

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The Savior of the Skateboarding Genre Gets Refined... 0

The original Skate was considered a savior to the skateboarding genre of video games two years ago when the Tony Hawk franchise is fading out. Its innovative controls and being a better representation of the skateboarding lifestyle gave new life to the genre and fans of the sport as well. Two years later, the sequel is finally here and while San Vanelona underwent some changes because of a natural disaster, the core game is still fundamentally the same with some additions that weren't in the fir...

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A much improved, very fun sequel - but not flawless. 0

Pros * Visually sound * The ability to walk takes the tedium out of trying to scale a flight of stairs. * Hall of Meat activity's make bailing productive and often fun.Cons * Few songs in the soundtrack really tickle my fancy. * Still kind of think theres too much on one stick. * Some outright dumb choices were made when it came to menus * Walking while useful, is difficult to control. Feels more like you're in a tank then on feet.* I personally don't like having a story driven career mod...

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skate 2 7

hey you guys i will be talking about a great game called skate 2 the first one was a hit and the second one was a big hit. this game is really going to challange activision and their tony hawk series but ea will have to make something big for when they release stake 3 because tony hawk's ride is using motion sensors on a skate board so skate 2 was good with new controls and skaters it really impressed me when i played it on my ps3...

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Buttery 0

 You're walking down a hall, bars on either side. Evidently a jail. Professional skaters look on as you walk, the captured convicts, peering out at you as you pass them to your freedom. You walk along and out of the building, and it's done -- you're released. You've served your sentence and now here's a man waiting for you outside of prison, and the first thing he does is kicks you your skateboard back. You are now back in business.It's been a while though, you're a little rusty. You've gotta co...

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Skate 2 Review 0

Skate 2 is the skateboard game sequel from Electronic Arts. You are a fresh out of jail skater who gets to go back to San Vanelona, the city has been rebuilt and security is tight in areas. You'll be performing tricks, competing against other pros, causing yourself great amounts of pain, and reclaiming the city for skaters.Graphically this game is what you'd expect from a 360 game. The city has several different areas with very different themes so that you can capture your tricks with all types ...

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Improvements needed 0

This all around was a very good game but it could be much better. I loved the Multiplayer idea of doing freeskate activities with friends but after i finished that the game became very boring. It lacked in replay value because once beating the online activities and campaign there was nothing else to look for funwise. Hopefully with new game modes being added to Skate 3 it will improve the replay value but other than that problem this was overall a very good game. ...

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Bailing just got a lot more fun 0

                         The first skate game would have considered a big experement for skateing games and proved that you can have a realistc skating game and not have to name Tony hawk on it to be succseful. Anyway now we have Skate 2 which is more or less the game with some pretty cool new features. Skate 2 is pretty much like Skate 1. It looks a little sharper then the first (note i playing it on the PS3 and played the first on the 360) but everything feels the same meaning you could go fro...

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Totally rad, dude 0

For years the Tony Hawk franchise was the king of skateboarding games. With a plethora of titles spread across every platform available, and no competition in sight, it seemed as though its dominance would keep spreading for years to come. But competition is healthy; developers can no longer sit on their laurels and continue to spew out sequels year after year; they need to innovate and push the genre to its limits to keep the crowds coming in. EA Black Box did just that with their 2007 title, S...

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Not So Great 0

The DLC adds 4 new achievements and 2 new challenges, a street contest and a vert contest. You'll probably be done with all of that within 20 to 30 minutes.    Once your done with that, all you have left to do is skate, but the skate park itself is not that fun to skate in. The best part about it is the nice half pipe.  Though this DLC only costs 3 bucks it's not really worth it. The only way I'd suggest buying it is if you want an easy 250 points or you're just dying for more Skate 2. ...

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Deleted! 2

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Rolling into refinement. 0

Skate 2 is a sequel nobody asked for. The original Skate played competently, looked fantastic, and finally usurped the Tony Hawk series’ off its throne. Frankly, any problems with Skate could’ve been rectified with a patch or downloadable content. I could hardly fathom the need for a sequel, yet the developers managed to squeeze enough creative juice to justify another entry. The result can be perceived as a polished upgrade, but Skate 2 goes much deeper than its predecessor does. As a nameless,...

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Rage quit 0

This game isn't the greatest skateboarding game ever made. The idea of doing tricks with a joystick instead of just buttons was a refreshing new mechanic in the first Skate. Unfortunantly Skate 2 doesn't bring anything so revolutionary to the table; it's basically the same game, but with the possibility to get off your board and pull things around.  What's good about the game is the skating. And it is so good that you'll want to come back for more when you're not playing. You will probably also ...

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Skate 1.75 0

Skate 1 radically reinvented the skateboarding genre in video games, causing Skate 2 to have a lot of high hopes and in some places it succeeds but in others it falters.     Although I have only played a little bit of Skate and probably 5 hours worth of the first demo, Skate 2 doesn't really feel like a full-pledged sequel more like an expansion but a very good one at that.  It adds a ton of new tricks, such as fingerflips, handplants, and footplants, skitching, and the ability to move objects ...

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A difficult, rewarding experience 0

The feeling of freedom to skate wherever and to have your own personal adventure is what makes this series great. The level of freedom players get is truly remarkable and delivers a very rewarding experience, assuming you take the time to learn how to play. Skate is one of the most frustrating games I’ve played in the last few years. The game is riddled with controller throwing moments, and it’s too often you fail a challenge without the game making it obvious what you did wrong.   With the f...

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You Won't Be Completely Satisfied 0

The Maloof Money Cup DLC pack is a relatively small area that has been added to Skate 2 and may not meet expectations. Let me start off by saying that this DLC only costs $3 which isn't a big deal at all. The new area has a big mini ramp that leads to a half pipe and there is also a street area that has lots of rails to grind and a few gaps. For a Skate 2 fan, it's a great buy because it's cheap and it will give you an extra place to skate around in. But for a casual player of Skate 2, this prob...

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