Skate Game for a Newcomer to the Series?

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#1 Posted by triviaman09 (940 posts) -

All this Tony Hawk hoopla has made me realize that, besides the demo of the original game on 360, I've never played a Skate game. Now that 3 of these games have been released, which one would be the best to jump into (on 360)? Should I just start with 3, or are the original and 2 better or possibly cheaper?

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#2 Posted by Pie (7309 posts) -

I don't know but people seem pretty negative about 3 I think but I'm not sure

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To be honest any one you ask will give you a different answer to anyone else, it's just a matter or preference. My advice to you is to look ad a pro-owned section/bargain bin and pull out any of the PS2 Tony hawk games, or any of the Skate game if you want a 360 experience. Regardless of opinion, they are all totally playable and have a bunch of content in them, and whether you like them or not is just a matter of preference but seeing as you can get them for pocket change now, you can afford to find out.

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I feel going with skate 3 is best route if you want to get in to skate as it is the most complete packaged version of the game plus if you want to make your own park or up the difficulty to a more realistic level if you want. hope that helps

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@Pie said:

I don't know but people seem pretty negative about 3 I think but I'm not sure

Where did you get that from? Skate 3 didn't majorly improve on Skate 2 in too many ways, but the story mode missions were fun (which they weren't really in the first two), and a lot of minor upgrades happened that just made 3 feel like a much more polished game. I remember there being a lot of people thinking it looked dumb because of the original trailer that came out, but it ended up being a great game. At this point, Skate 3 is what, $20? I'd say just pick that one up; you can at least find some people still playing online, which I doubt you would find as easily in 1/2, if at all.

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Will you play any local multiplayer with dudes? If so, get Skate 2. Skate 3's gimped and you need to buy the MP as DLC.

Oh EA.

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#7 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

I enjoyed 1 the most, 2 felt off but 3 is alright as well.

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1 doesn't have enough of the features of the rest of the series.

3 is halfassed and not that great as the new city is dull and empty

2 is perfection incarnate. A great selection of tricks, can get off the board, a cool city that feels grimy and alive (rather than clean and empty like 3)

Seriously... 2.

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#9 Posted by HarlechQuinn (456 posts) -

Part 3 is probably the most refined when it comes to controls (especially the movement without a skateboard) and mission design.

But I always enjoyed San Vanelona more than Port Carverton...

So when I am in the mood for some virtual skateboardin' I tend to play part 1 or 2...

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Just go with the third one. It's cheap, got what I think is the best controls and a good intro for new players. Also you can turn on more "realistic" physics, and that makes carving pools pretty goddamn awesome.

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#11 Posted by triviaman09 (940 posts) -

Thanks for the advice, duders. It's given me a lot to think about. I'll probably end up getting either 2 or 3, whichever I can find for cheaper. They're both about the same price on Amazon right now.

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