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Skillshots are used to grade the player on creative ways to kill enemies. The player is rewarded a set amount of points for killing enemies in certain ways.


In Bulletstorm, each time the player finds a new Skillshot, they will receive 5 times the amount of points for it. An example being, the first time a player gets a headshot, the will receive 125 points. But after this first time, only 25 points will be awarded for each following headshot. This encourages players to find all of the skillshots to unlock as many points as possible. They can then use the received points to purchase additions for their arsenal of weaponry.

Skill ShotPoints (First Use, Subsequent uses)Description

Acid Rain

500, 100

Use the leash ground pound to throw multiple enemies in the air, before incinerating them with the Boneduster's alternate fire.

After Burner

250, 50

Set an enemy on fire with the Screamer before killing him. Can be comboed with other skill shots like Flyswatter to earn large bonuses.

Bad Touch

500, 100

Impale, electrocute, or crush an enemy.

Blind Fire

500, 100

Kill someone behind a wall



Kill an enemy with the PMC's explosive attachment


125, 25

Headshot an enemy with a charged PMC.

Bullet Kick

125, 25

Kick the enemy, then shoot them to death.

Bullet Slide

125, 25

Get a kill using bullets after hitting an enemy with the slide.


250, 50

Kill an enemy with fire.

Chain Reaction

250, 50-200

Kill multiple enemies with the Flailgun

Direct Hit

125, 25

Kill an enemy with a direct hit from the Bouncer weapon.


500, 100

Kill by opening a door and dropping items on your target.

Double Cut

250, 50

Cut 2 enemies in half with the chain of the flail from the Flail Gun.

Double Ignition

500, 100

Ignite two enemies with one shot.


250, 50

Use the Screamer's charged shot to kill a grounded enemy.


250, 50

Headshot with the Bouncer.


500, 100

Leash or kick an enemy into one of Stygia's carnivorous plants


250, 50

Make an enemy explode and fertilize the ground.

First in, Last out

500, 100

After using the Thumper, kill the closest enemy in-air last.

Fire in the Hole

500, 100

Give an enemy a "colon cleaning with lead".

Fireball250, 50Shoot an enemy using the Screamer's charged shot, propelling him into another enemy
Firework250, 50Use the Screamer's charged shot on an airborne target (after using the Thumper).


250, 50-300

Use the Thumper to fling enemies into the roof.

Frequent Flyer

125, 25

Kill an enemy while he is in mid-air

French Revolution

250, 50

Get multiple headshots with a charged Flail gun.

Full Throttle

250, 50

Multiple kills with the Minigun or PMC with letting go of the trigger.

Gag Reflex

250, 50

Shoot an enemy in the throat, causing him to vomit blood.

Gang Bang

250, 50

Kill multiple enemies using the flail gun


250, 50

Kill an enemy by kicking him into a wall.

Grenade Gag

125, 25

Gag an enemy with the Flail gun's chain.


500, 100

After using the Thumper, finish off the airborne targets with the Screamer.


125, 25

Put a bullet in the enemy's head

Homie Missile

500, 100

Tie a flail to an enemy and leash him into another before detonating the flail.


500, 100

Kill an enemy when under the influence of alcohol.

Kick of Doom

250, 50

Kick a Bouncer



Destroy an enemy vehicle.


500, 100

Shoot an enemy in the crotch, before killing him with a bullet or a kick to the face.


125, 25

Kill an enemy by detonating a flail on the ground near him.

One hit wonder

125, 25

Headshot with the Screamer


250, 50

Head shot an enemy with a PMC charge shot.



Flatten an enemy

Rear Entry

250, 50

Shoot someone in the butt.


250, 50

Wrap a flail around an enemy and kill him before it explodes.


500, 100

Kick or leash an enemy into an open wiring and electrocute them.

Smart Mine

500, 100

Tie down an enemy with a flail and pull/kick another enemy near him before exploding it.


125, 25

Shoot an enemy in the same limb until they die with the Screamer.


250, 50

Run over an enemy with an elevator.

Toxic Love

500, 100

Kill an enemy while poisoned.

Trap Shooting

250, 50

Use the leash's thumper ability to throw up enemies in the air and shoot them before they hit the ground.


250, 50

Kick an enemy off a cliff or building.

Voodoo Doll

500, 100

Kill an enemy by leashing or kicking them into a spike


500, 100

Kill multiple enemies with a single charged PMC shot.

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