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    Skullomania is arguably the most popular character from the Street Fighter EX series. As such, he's also made cameo appearances in other games.

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    Skullomania was once a salesman named Saburo Nishikoyama. Saburo's boss was never pleased with his progress as a salesman. Because Saburo was constantly under pressure, he volunteered to dress up and perform like a superhero at a carnival devoted to the top customers in his department store. Saburo's boss was amused. Saburo hoped this would be chance to prove himself. Relishing the attention he received while dressed as a  superhero, Saburo quit his job and devoted his life to fighting crime. Skullomania was born.

    Notable Character Moves:

    Skullomanias moves include...

    • Skullo Header-Skullomania flies into the opponent head first
    • Skullo Slider-Skullomania slides across the ground
    • Skullo Bash/'Heads up-Skullomania jumps in the air
    • Skullo Dive-Shullomania jumps up and dives at the opponent.
    • Skullo Head Smash-Skullomania jumps onto them, goes betweeen their legs, and steps on their buttocks, causing their head to hit the floor.
    • Super Skullo Header-Skullomania flies into the opponent, scoring multiple hits
    • Super Skullo Slider-Skullomania slides across the ground, scoring multiple hits, ending in something along the lines of Booker T's Spinaroonie.
    • Skullo Dream-Skullomania runs into them, and attacks hims. You only see small photo shots of the attack, ending the opponent falling down and Skullomania saying something like 'Aquafobios'.
    • Skullo Back flip-Skullomania does a backflip

    Notable Character Costumes:

    Skullomania has the most costumes within the game-allowing himself to be any Power Ranger colour, as well as his original black. It should also be noted that within Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha, Skullomania was in a CPU Team Battle 5 times within one battle.

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