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Wash my hands? Never.
Wash my hands? Never.

Located in Earthrealm, The Sky Temple is a place of meditation for Lord Raiden. His War Hammer resides on the center on the roof platform and draws lighting from the ever present storm that rages above it. The stage also employs multiple levels for transitional combat. It is said that the structure is 1,666 ft in height, which makes for a long way down if one looses their footing.

Artwork, concept and game art by Tony Goskie.

According to Krypt "NB" in MK Deception, the Sky Temple was inspired by the Sears Tower in Chicago, IL. Also included in the same description is the curious statement: "This drawing shows the third floor of the Sky Temple. The third floor was never used in Mortal Kombat: Deception, or was it? It might be there... look for it when you are falling."


The Sky Temple originally appears in Mortal Kombat Deception, and returns in Mortal Kombat Armageddon unchanged.

Death Trap

Feel worse for the janitor, he has to take the stairs
Feel worse for the janitor, he has to take the stairs

On par with other MK arenas of great height, the stage Death Trap centers on death-by-fall. Knock an opponent off the edge at the lower levels and they'll come to an explosive end when they strike the flat rock below.

Mortal Kombat X

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The Sky Temple returns in Mortal Kombat X, except it has more sinister appearance than the previous games, complete with statues and a tornado in the background.

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