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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 25, 2002

    An whimsical arcade shooter for the PlayStation 2 with surprising depth that rewards multiple playthroughs.

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    SkyGunner is a third person flight combat shooter set in an European-esque steampunk setting.  You can play as one of three fighter pilots, or "SkyGunners":  Ciel, Femme, Copain.  The story begins in the town of Rive which is hosting the Expo celebrating the completion of the "Eternal Engine", an engine capable of perpetual motion independent of any external power source, which is about to be unveiled on the luxury liner, Merveilleux.  Renowned SkyGunners Ciel and Copain are hired to protect the Eternal Engine.  However, famed criminal mastermind Ventre has plans to steal away the Eternal Engine for his own nefarious schemes.  


    SkyGunner differs from many other shooters in that your point of view is always centered on your target, not the direction you are heading. Where you're going is not nearly as important as what you're shooting, and with the game's focus on highscores through its deep combo system, it encourages you to always be shooting something. 
    Each character's plane has a machine gun with unlimited ammunition, as well as a variety more powerful subweapons with limited ammunition. Additionally, each character possess a unique special ability, which can often be used with devastating effect against the enemy to turn the tide. Firing subweapons and using special attacks increases a heat meter, once it is full the player is unable to perform these actions again until heat is dispered. 
    The game uses money to keep score - shooting down enemies will net the player additional money, while shooting weapons or taking excessive damage will cause the player to lose money. The game makes use of an intricate combo/chain system to allow for huge point sums.
    There are three main characters - Femme, Ciel, and Copain - and five stages to the main story. Each character offers their own unique perspective during missions. For example, one mission sees Ciel and Copain racing to destroy two enemy battleships while Femme provides cover by eliminating the enemy fighter escort. In addition, the third stage is completely unique for each character, often playing to their unique abilities.

    Additional characters and modes can be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions within the main game and other modes.  

    Game Modes

    In addition to the standard story mode, Time Attack and Survival modes can also be unlocked. Time Attack is unlocked by completing the game in first place as Ciel. Survival mode is unlocked by completing the game in first place as Copain. 
    Time Attack mode tasks you with destroying as many enemies as quickly as possible. Survival mode has you holding out as long as possible against a never ending supply of enemies.      


    All the stats listed here are taken from the manual. The ranks are as follows, from best to worst: S, A, B, C, D, E. Where appropriate, English meanings for the names are listed - many characters/objects/names in SkyGunner are taken from the French language.

    Femme (French: "Woman") 

    Unlocks: Playable from the start.
    Craft: Branché (French: "Arm") - quick, stable, easily controlled, an excellent choice for newer players.
    • Durability: A
    • Balance Recovery: A 
    • Maneuverability: A
    • Subweapons: Dog Missiles, Fireworks, Cross Missiles
    • Max Lock: 3
    • Special: Active Turn - pressing the special button instantly turns the craft to point at the targeted enemy. Very useful for strafing runs and getting the upper hand in dogfights.

    Ciel (French: "Sky") 

    Unlocks: Playable from the start. 
    Craft: Avenir (French: "Future") -  a solid all around craft, it neither excels or lacks in any one area.
    • Durability: B 
    • Balance Recovery: B 
    • Maneuverability: B 
    • Subweapons: Dog Missiles, Fireworks, Cross Missiles 
    • Max Lock: 3 
    • Special: Air Brake/Heavy Gun - pressing the special button once will slow the craft to a near standstill, pressing it while braked will unleash a powerful barrage of gunfire, obliterating anything in its path but rapidly draining money. 

    Copain (French: "Friend")  

    Unlocks: Complete the main story with Femme. 
    Craft: Chevalier (French: "Knight") - very fast and powerful, possess its own unique subweapons, but can be challenging to fly well.
    • Durability: B
    • Balance Recovery: C 
    • Maneuverability: B
    • Subweapons: Dog Missiles, Fireworks, Pumpkin Bombs
    • Max Lock: 4
    • Special: Vortex - pressing the special button rolls the craft rapidly, destroying enemies caught in the resulting vortex and reflecting incoming projectiles.


    Unlocks: Complete the game with Ciel, defeating Rival both times you encounter him. 
    Craft: Fanôme (French: "Ghost") - the fastest and flimsiest of the flyable planes. An excellent dogfighter.
    • Durability: C
    • Balance Recovery: E 
    • Maneuverability: A
    • Subweapons: Dog Missiles, Fireworks, Bat Missiles
    • Max Lock: 4
    • Special: Air Brake/Heavy Gun - pressing the special button once will slow the craft to a near standstill, pressing it while braked will unleash a powerful barrage of gunfire, obliterating anything in its path but rapidly draining money. Same as Ciel's.

    Hardi (French: "Bold")  

    Unlocks: After unlocking time trial and survival modes, Finish the game in first place in Prize Money as Femme.
    Craft: Courage - what it lacks in speed in maneuverability it makes up for with resilience.
    • Durability: S
    • Balance Recovery: S
    • Maneuverability: C
    • Special: The Courage possess no subweapons/special weapons of its own, but it is able to order wingmen into a variety of formations to gain a tactical advantage.  


    Dog Missiles (Femme, Ciel, Rival): These missiles zero in on their target and begin chomping at the wings and engines, slowing the enemy craft and making it easier to destroy. They do negligible damage on their own but can be very useful in gaining the advantage on a fast moving enemy. 
    Fireworks (Femme, Ciel, Copain, Rival): Colorful and bright, Fireworks are best used against tightly packed groups of enemies. Once they reach their target, they detonate in a large explosion. Locking on multiple Fireworks to a single target increases the blast radius. 
    Cross Missiles (Femme, Ciel): As the name implies, these are large, cross shaped projectiles. Once launched, they will attach to their target. They must be detonated with machine gun fire, but they are very powerful. Locking on three Cross Missiles to a single target will result in one massive missile being launched, with added destructive power. 
    Pumpkin Bombs (Copain only): These bombs will fall towards their intended target, making them largely useless for dogfighting but highly effective at taking out emplaced weapons on battleships or grounded enemies. Lining up several targets and strafing them with Pumpkin Bombs will make short work of anything in their way. 
    Bat Missiles (Rival only): Similar to Dog Missiles but capable of inflicting massive damage. Care must be taken when using Bat Missles as they will burn out rather quickly, requiring the target to be at close range or have been slowed with Dog Missiles first.    

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