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Skylanders: Cloud Patrol is an action game developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Activision for mobile iOS & Android platforms. Players tap & swipe the screen to shoot escaped trolls while trying not to hit bombs, which will end their game. Chaining together swipes will gain multipliers, which will net more coins & points. As players meet various goals, they will level up and acquire gems, which can be used to unlock additional Skylander characters and abilities.


In order to level up, players will need to meet the Goals assigned. Goals include things like shooting a certain amount of trolls, using a certain character element, or getting a certain amount of multipliers in one run. There are always 3 Goals displayed on the main menu (goals may be skipped for a small coin fee). When a goal is met, the player is awarded stars, and a new goal takes its place. If enough stars are gained the player will level up and be awarded 5 Gems. The amount of stars needed to level up increases as the player's level goes up. For example, at level 1, three stars are needed to level up. By level 50, ten stars are needed.


There are two types of currency in the game; Coins and Gems. Each one allows for the purchase of different in-game items:


  • Gems are gained when you level up, and sometimes bonus gems are found in the floating presents that appear randomly during the game. Gems are used to unlock new Skylanders and new special abilities. They can also be used to purchase coins.


  • Coins are awarded every time the player shoots something in the game, like trolls, sheep, barrels, etc. These coins can be spent to upgrade special abilities, skip goals, and are even used if the player wants to "continue" when they die. If the player wishes, they may purchase coins via microtransactions within the game store.

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