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Skylanders: Being a Dad has it's perks 1

Skylanders is a very polished, enjoyable dungeon crawler aimed at kids. It incorporates physical toys to expand game play. Note I am basing this review just on the starter set and completed the game with just the three included characters.The game comes with three toy figurines and a portal of power, which plugs into the 360 via USB. To use each character you place it on the portal where it immediately becomes available in the game. The effect is rather neat. You can switch characters at any tim...

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Skylanders Review 0

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is worthy to replace the Legend of Spyro series. Even with having to buy the characters and the incredible cheesiness of the game, it just works brilliantly! It follows the story of the Skylanders that once defended and lived in Skylands under guidance from Master Eon (who helps you from the grave as a floating head) to stop the darkness from ever returning. But one day, it did. Kaos, an evil Portal Master aided by a troll named Glumshanks, together try to somehow e...

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Fun Collecting, Bad Port 0

Collecting Skylanders is fun, even if you go back to the original game. Not so fun on the PS3 versions: lots of bugs, including crashes and freezes requiring a restart, and pretty much no graphical upgrades. Some hidden items are even unobtainable in this version. Stick with the lead platform, Wii....

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Still Playing... 0

To start, I am still playing the game, about half way through. That being said, I dooubt the gameplay will change that much. The game itself is simple fun. I like to play it as a break from the AAA titles. Leveling your dudes up is fun, and they have a noticiable power increase. The only fault I have is the level cap is 10, which can be achieved pretty quickly, and all the dudes/levels you buy are already written to the disc....

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