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    Skyloft is a series of islands that feature in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is Link's birthplace, where he is raised and where he begins his journey.

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    Floating above The Surface, Skyloft (スカイロフト Sukairofuto) is where Link begins his quest in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The inhabitants of Skyloft have no knowledge of Hyrule, save for rumour/legend. Link discovers the world below and spends most of his adventure traveling back and forth between the two realms using the Goddess Sword.

    Appearing to consist of various floating islands, Skyloft contains a bazaar, an academy for young Knights, a sparring hall as well as the Hylian-like inhabitants and their transport birds, the Loftwings. On The Surface, Skyloft is known as Isle of the Goddess.

    Knight Academy

    The Knight Academy is the school that Link attends and where he begins his quest in Skyward Sword. It is run by Headmaster Gaepora and Owlan is an instructor at the academy.


    Skyloft's bazaar is home to many shops where Link can purchase items, upgrade his equipment and more.

    Item Shop

    The item shop sells general items to Link.

    ItemPrice (Rupees)
    Deku Seeds20
    Wooden Shield50
    Iron Shield100
    Small Seed Satchel100

    Potion Shop

    Potions are available to buy at the potion shop. You can also infuse potions with other materials to upgrade them. Available are Heart Potion, Revitalising Potion, Stamina Potion and Air Potion.

    Fortune Teller

    The Skyloft Bazaar Fortune Teller will give Link hints and tell him where to go next, for a price.

    Scrap Shop

    The Scrap Shop allows you to upgrade your gear. The upgrade system requires collectables to be used for each upgrade. The Scrap Shop is run by Gondo.

    Item Check

    The Skyloft Item Check will buy items from you or let you store them to make room in your item pouch. When the player collects an item, it will appear in the Item Check automatically if they don't have a spare slot in their item pouch. The Item Check is run by Peatrice.

    Sparring Hall

    The Skyloft Sparring Hall is where Link finds his first sword. Shortly after finding his sword, Link is taught how to fight (using the new Motion Plus control method) by Knight Commander Eagus. Eagus will also show Link how to use his shield.

    Beedle's Floating Shop

    Beedle, also found in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, The Minish Cap and Spirit Tracks, is to be found floating above Skyloft in his floating shop. He will drop a line if Link hits the bell on his shop with his slingshot or a beetle.


    Skyloft is home to a graveyard. Nine graves make up this area.

    Lumpy Pumpkin

    The Lumpy Pumpkin is a pub found at Pumpkin Landing (パンプキン島 Panpukin Shima), east of the starter area of Skyloft. It is run by Pumm and is famous for it's pumpkin soup's regenerative qualities.

    Wing Ceremony

    The annual Wing Ceremony is a competition held in Skyloft for all students who attend the Knights Academy. The contest involves students flying their Loftwings in an attempt to catch a special bird statue (dangling behind a golden Loftwing). The contestant who catches the statue is crowned the winner. The winner of the contest takes part in a winning ceremony with Zelda and receives a gift. In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Link earns the Sailcloth from Zelda upon winning the contest.

    Names in other regions

    Japaneseスカイロフト (Sukairofuto)Skyloft
    SpanishCeléstea (Neburia in Latin America)

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