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Skywarp is a frequently recurring character of the Transformers brand. Although there have been variations, for the vast majority of his appearances, Skywarp has been a black and purple Decepticon jet and is often paired together with Starscream and Thundercracker. He is typically portrayed as fairly dimwitted and needing constant supervision from superiors in order to keep him on task and accomplish his missions. Though loyal to the Decepticon cause, he has been on occasion been fast-talked into trying to help others usurp command from Megatron but is always quick to fall in line when things go awry.

Perhaps his most famous feature is the ability to teleport, both in vehicle and robot mode. The range of his ability seems to vary depending on continuity -- sometimes regulated to a few hundred feet, in others he can transport himself to the other side of the globe with seemingly little effort. Likewise, where he is usually only able to transport himself; there has been the odd occasion where Skywarp is seen opening portals large enough for himself and other Decepticons to make use of.

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Decepticon Campaign

First seen aboard Trypticon Station, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Jetfire are present when Starscream is confronted by Megatron and attache. Jetfire is horrified at Starscream's swearing allegiance to the Decepticons and escapes the station under fire from Skywarp and Thundercracker. Rather than pursue the fleeing Autobot, Megatron orders the trio deep within Cybertron to activate the Geosynchronous Energon Bridge in order for the station to be supplied with a constant feed of Energon and enable the manufacture of further Dark Energon stores.

During their mission, Skywarp frequently heckles Starscream for buckling so quickly under Megatron's rule. However, he is constantly surprised both by Autobot resistance and encountering Cybertronian wildlife the further into the planet they venture. As obstacles hinder their progress, Skywarp is always the first to belt out, "What are we supposed to do now?" and upon encountering the automated defense sentinel protecting the Energon Bridge controls -- he is left completely dumbfounded, often left wondering if their attack on the system is causing any damage at all. After the destruction of the Sentinel, Skywarp and the Seekers rocket back to the surface of Cybertron and watch in awe as the Energon Bridge re-activates and begins transmitting Energon to Trypticon Station.

Skywarp is later seen (again) with Starscream and Thundercracker during the assault on Iacon. Transforming to jet mode, the Seekers strafe Omega Supreme, successfully diverting his attention from Megatron to themselves -- allowing the Decepticon leader and his squad to venture further into the depths of the city and buy them the time to formulate a strategy for defeating the gigantic Autobot.

True to form, Skywarp is repeatedly called an idiot by Starscream for the former's constant need to know how to deal with any situation more complex than, "shoot Autobots." In a moment of frustration, Skywarp calls Thundercracker ugly -- a statement that catches Thundercracker completely off guard as he has to ask Skywarp, "How can you call me ugly? We look exactly the same!" does not cross Skywarp's mind that he in fact, just called himself ugly.

Richard Epcar provides lends his voice to Skywarp in War for Cybertron, giving him a loud, boisterous presence. Epcar's performance is quite fitting for a powerful Decepticon who could be extremely dangerous... if he weren't as dumb as a stump.

Escalation Mode

Skywarp is available as a member of the Decepticon roster and is present with all of his abilities from the campaign carried over. If faced with a large number of foes, Skywarp can make use of his whirlwind attack and deal powerful melee damage to any enemies nearby. He can also become temporarily invisible through use of the cloak ability which can be used for sneaking up on enemies or making purchases at the vendors during battle without the fear of being hassled.


Skywarp's (as well as Starscream and Thundercracker -- as they share the same body type) chassis is the default (and only, if the player doesn't finish the Decepticon campaign or obtain any DLC) option for Decepticon Scientist and is known as the Energon Seeker. Scientists are primarily deployed as healers in multiplayer, but abilities obtained through continued play can vary their use considerable -- enabling them to adopt enemy colors and infiltrate the opposing team or be outfitted as deadly mid-range fighters.

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