I finished this game, a couple of questions (massive spoilers)

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This game nails the climax in all the right spots. That final environmental attack is quite cathartic. Overall it's really a great game. My question is why did Pendrew relieved Wei of his duty? What will he benefit for letting Big Smile Lee run the Sun On Yee?

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I don't remember the story completely, because I finished this game I while a go, but I think Pendrew never intended to get rid of the triads but only to get to a point where they are more manageable, I'm guessing he thought Big Smile Lee was the kind of dude he could probably make some kind of deal where he let them do their business and they give the police some dudes to arrest and make it seem like they are doing their job efficiently. I don't know if that was implied or something I made up to make sense of the story.

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