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Simple Mechanics Fall Apart in This Retail Sequel 0

Earlier last year (that being 2012 at the time of writing) the freeware PC game Slender: The Eight Pages was released. Inspired by the urban legend spawned from the Something Awful forums, It was a rather straightforward horror game in which you searched for pages in an abandoned forest while the monstrous Slender Man hunted you down. To the surprise of some, the game was a huge hit with countless Lets Players doing their own play throughs of the game and it even getting mentioned on major TV n...

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The experience of Slender: The Arrival is much like that of opening a Christmas present that you'll never love 0

The Slender Man is still as menacing as ever Much like the original Slender, Slender: The Arrival has a bone chilling atmosphere, a well done sense of loneliness, and the rare appearance of the Slender Men that keeps the player tensed up till it's released in the most horrifying of ways. However, even though The Arrival hits all of those original points, it stretches them out too thin, and ends up falling flat.The first thing that you'll notice about The Arrival is the new look. The game is much...

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The Return Of Everyone's Favourite Pale Businessman 0

To understand why Slender: The Arrival is such a disappointing let down, you have to grasp why The Eight Pages was such a success. Slender: The Eight Pages took off in popularity because like a slew of well made horror games it put loads into the atmosphere, made your player character feel useless, made your environment confusing and spooky and finally it didn't throw jump-scares in your face. The music was fantastic, a low rumble and a thunderous clang of something metallic drills dread into yo...

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He's Here... 0

Your arm jolts forward on the page, the marker soaking through to the desk below. I WANT TO DIE I WANT TO DIE I WANT TO DIE. Thunder booms through the room, the rain pelting against the windows. It won’t let up. HE IS HERE HE IS HERE HE IS HERE. You’ve been drawing circles upon circles again, a neverending loop. IT’S ALL MY FAULT. You glance to the window. He is here. The lightning reflects off of his pale, smooth face. THE TENDRILS THE ARMS THE FACE. It is too late. HE IS HERE HE IS HERE HE ISD...

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