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Slendr is free, but has in-game purchases using real-world money to affect the game, including

Ghost Detector: Allows players to sort of get a "Spider Sense" for Slender Man (for whatever reason, the game's promotional materials repeatedly refers to Slender Man as a ghost.)

Extra Night Vision: Improves visibility.

Couch Potato Mode: Players can control the character with screen taps instead of physical movement.

20 Dollarz Mode: Players attempt to collect $20 US bills before Slender Man does. Inspired by a Youtube meme involving footage of Marble Hornets.

Photo Album: Pictures of Slender Man.

Extra Batteries: Players start with 100 battery cells, and each time the player is caught by Slender Man, 10 cells are used up. More cells can be purchased. A player is still able to play without cells, but the game's visibility becomes limited.

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