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    Slippy Toad

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    Slippy Toad is an ancillary character in the Star Fox franchise and is friends with Fox McCloud.

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    Slippy is an ancillary character in the Star Fox franchise and is friends with Fox McCloud. He is the chief engineer of the Star Fox team which makes up for his lack of piloting skill. He first joined the team after it was reformed by Fox McCloud. He is a key asset to the Star Fox team due to his inventiveness and engineering skills which he inherited from his father, Beltino Toad.

    Slippy's father is the Research Director of the Corneria Defense Forces. Together they have invented several gadgets for the Star Fox team, including the Blue Marine submarine used in Star Fox 64. They have also designed several airships for the defense forces.

    During the eight years between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures, Slippy takes a break from piloting to focus on his designs. One of his designs is theSharpclaw disguise that Fox uses in Star Fox Adventures to infiltrate several areas on Dinosaur Planet.

    After Fox and his team destroy the Aparoid race in Star Fox Assault, Slippy again withdraws from the team. However, Fox needs his help once again and Slippy chips in by piloting the Bullfrog, his special modified version of the Arwing. The Bullfrog is able to carry up to three bombs (one more than the Arwing), but has no lock on function.

    He is voiced by Kyouko Tonguu in the Japanese Star Fox games, and by Lyssa Browne in the American version of Star Fox 64, Chris Seavor in the American version of Star Fox Adventures, and Mike McAuliffe in the American version of Star Fox Assault.


    • "Fox, get this guy off me!"
    • "Thanks Fox, I thought I was a goner."

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