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    A mysterious race of slug-like beastmen, the Sload live southwest of Tamriel, in the Coral Kingdom of Thras.

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     Little is known about the Sload, a race that exist at odds with the citizens of  Tamriel
    According to Bendu Olo, leader of the expedititon to the Sload homeland sent by Tamriel after the Thrassian Plague (A plague the Sload inflicted upon Tamriel), Sload begin life as "Disgusting little amorphous grubs", confined to the water. As they approach adulthood, Sload lose the appearance of a 'Squishy Octopus' and become a cross between a man and a slug, allowing them to traverse on land. However, it is believed there is no limit to the age, and therefore size, that Sload can grow to, and many of the older Sload cannot navigate without the aid of water to keep them bouyant, or magical means, due to their excessive weight. 
    Sload have 4 appendages which are said to 'mold themselves' to whatever they are grasping.    


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