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 Unlike it's brethren, Slowbro, Slowking's had a unfortunate event occur to trigger its evolution. When Slowpoke hold King's Rocks they attract Shelder, when the peculiar event takes place and the Shelder bites a Slowpoke in the head, the poisonous toxins are excreted into the Pokemon's brain causing it to become extremely intelligent. This added intelligence allows it to reach a form of sentience, having complex thoughts and the capability of speech. At the same time, this intelligence has some down falls, as Slowking's no longer possess the supremely lazy attitude of its pre-evolution, reflected through its inability to learn moves such as Slack Off. At the same time, however, Slowking can learn moves such as Trump Card and Nasty Plot.


National Pokedex No: #199 
Classification: Royal Pokémon
Type: Water, Psychic
Ability: Oblivious or Own Tempo
Height: 6'07''
Weight: 175.3 lbs
None, evolve Slowpoke.
Evolves at: n/a

Evolutionary Chain

Slowpoke (trade with King's Rock attached) --> Slowking

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