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    Sluggy the Unshaven

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    The mini-boss of the fifth world in Yoshi's Island. He is a Sluggy that has been made giant by the magic of Kamek.

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    Sluggy the Unshaven looks very similar to the small sluggy that he originates from. The main differences emerging due to the transformation are his transparency and the prominent heart that becomes visible thanks to the transparency. 

    Battle Strategy

    Sluggy the Unshaven behaves much like a normal sluggy. He inches slowly toward Yoshi in order to make contact. Unlike a normal sluggy, however, Sluggy the Unshaven cannot hurt Yoshi simply by touching him. Instead, the threat he poses comes from the ledge that he slowly pushes Yoshi toward. To stop him, Yoshi must throw eggs toward his heart. His body gradually gives way until the heart is reached and damage is taken. As Sluggy the Unshaven takes more damage, his heart beats faster and he moves forward at a faster rate, adding to the threat he poses. Eventually, his heart takes enough damage to cause it to dwindle and vanish. Soon after, Sluggy the Unshaven's body slips downward off of the screen.

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