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    Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 26, 2005

    The size of the Cooper Gang expands in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves as they attempt their biggest heist yet: gaining access to the heavily guarded Cooper Vault, which houses all the treasure the Cooper family line has collected over throughout their history.

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    Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves is a stealth platforming game from Sucker Punch, makers of inFAMOUS and the first two Sly Cooper games. 


     In this third installment, the Cooper Gang learns from McSweeny, a former accomplice in Sly's father's crew, the location of the Cooper family vault which he says holds all the treasures from the Cooper family's past heists. When Sly goes to investigate the vault's location, he finds that the island where it is found is under the control of a man known as Dr. M, who's been trying to break into the vault for years. Upon seeing the many defenses in place, Sly quickly realizes that getting past Dr.M and opening the vault will take an army of world-class thieves, and so he, with the help of his friend Bentley, set out in search of candidates.


     The duo first travels to Venice to try to re-recruit their friend Murray, who blames himself for Bentley's injuries (seeSly 2: Band of Thieves). When they find Murray, he explains that he is on a walkabout, set in motion by his Guru mentor. The Guru told Murray to clean the waters of Venice, which have become tainted with oil. The eventual conclusion is that Don Octavio (a once famous opera singer turned Mob boss) is polluting the water, and Sly (with help of the rest of the gang) defeat him and clean up Venice. With the oil gone from the canals, Murray rejoins the gang.


    Sly in the Outback.
    Sly in the Outback.
     After making their escape from Venice, Murray decides to head back to the Australian Outback to find the Guru and to tell him that he wishes to quit his training. When the Cooper Gang reaches the Guru's sanctuary, they find that a group of miners have started excavating the place, with The Guru nowhere in sight.
    After a bit searching, they soon find out that The Guru has been locked up. Upon freeing him, he explains that due to the miners excavation, an evil mask has appeared and reeking havoc, and must therefore be destroyed. But while attempting to do so, the mask latches onto Carmelita (who was following the Cooper gang from Venice), which causes her to grow to tremendously. After trying to escape her reach, Sly decides to try and remove the mask from her by climbing up her to where the mask is latched on and releases said latches.
    His plan succeeds, with Carmelita reverting to her original size, and the mask being destroyed by the mercenaries she hired. The Guru, satisfied with they're work, then proceeds to join the gang.


    After looking over the vault's schematics, Bentley decides that the gang will need more help to get the Cooper family treasure. He then finds a recruit in Holland named Penelope, but she says she can't leave unless her current employer (the Black Baron) is defeated in his annual biplane dog-fighting tournament. The stage concludes with Penelope being revealed to be the Baron in disguise and Sly winning the tournament. After her identity is uncovered Penelope becomes a member of the Cooper Gang.


    Sly and General Tsao.
    Sly and General Tsao.
     When looking over the plans once again, Bentley realizes that his demolition skills won't be enough, and that a full time expert in the field is needed to break into the vault. The only problem is the best candidate is the Panda King (Sly's old nemesis), and Sly is not too keen about having him on the team. When they reach the Panda King location, they find he is in deep meditation and Sly must break his concentration to wake him. After doing so, the Panda King explains that his daughter was taken by General Tsao, a warlord in the area. Sly agrees to rescue his daughter, doing so by tricking Tsao on his wedding day by switching the Panda King's daughter with Carmelita. After the daughter is rescued, and all of Tsao's treasure is taken, the Panda King agrees to tag along on the Cooper gang's adventure.

    Pirate Cove

     Dimitri, a character from previous games, needs a favor. He explains that his grandfather was a scuba diving treasure hunter, and he wants the scuba gear that belonged to him. The problem is, the gear is now in the hands of Captain LeFwee, an old pirate. After searching for the gear, it is revealed that LeFwee has buried it on an island in the Caribbean. This leads to Sly stealing a ship and sailing to the island, finding the scuba gear, and defeating Captain LeFwee. Once Dimitri's favor is complete, he then becomes a member of the gang.

    Conclusion (Island)

    The game concludes with Sly breaking into the vault, with the help of his gang, and battling "Dr. M" inside the vault's Inner Sanctum. The final cut scene shows Carmelita, who has been chasing the Cooper gang for the entire game, rescuing Sly from the vault. When Carmelita comes to the rescue, she finds that Sly has amnesia. During the credits we learn more about what happened to the crew. The most important clues from the credits are that Sly is only pretending to have amnesia and Bentley has plans to build a time machine, perhaps hinting at another sequel.


    Most of the gameplay in Sly 3 is based around stealth-action and platforming. You can take control of Sly Cooper, Bentley the Turtle, and Murray the Hippo as they complete heists throughout the game. The main gameplay involves sneaking to various objective points in each location and completing them in order to activate the final heist mission of that area.

    Sly Cooper

    Sly Cooper
    Sly Cooper
    Gameplay for Sly revolves around stealth and avoidance, and using his sneaking prowess to pickpocket enemies and then dispatch them without alerting others. Sly has many tools at his disposal, the most important being his cane. Used as the primary weapon, the cane also has a charge attack that is used to start powerful combos. The cane's secondary function is used to pickpocket guards, usually for coins, jewels, and other valuables to spend at the safe house, but occasionally a mission will require you the "lift" some information off a wandering guard. 
    Sly also has several abilities like Feral Pounce, Knockout Dive and Combat Dodge that are used to take down enemies quickly. One of his best abilities is Silent Obliteration, a combo move that sucks the enemy into a small vortex. Another of Sly's tools is the Smoke Bomb, along with the Paraglider and Rocket Boots. One really cool tool is Shadow Power, which consists of two levels. Level 1 lets you become invisible, and level 2 allows you to attack, and pickpocket guards while invisible. Sly also has many disguises, such as the Venetian guard, the Photographer, and the Pirate. When Sly is in a disguise, any guards he crosses will ask him for a password. If the password isn't given in the set amount of time the guards are alerted and you must run.


    Bentley, fishing for coins.
    Bentley, fishing for coins.
    After being confined to a wheelchair by Clockwerk, Bentley relies on his genius with gadgetry to get around. A hover pack provides him the lift he needs to access rooftops, and a fishing pole to pickpocket from unsuspecting victims. He also carries a Grapple Cam, an Alarm Clock and Health Extractor along with a variety of bombs (trigger, rage, and reduction). Another tool, the Adrenaline Burst, gives Bentley a momentary speed boost in case he is spotted. One of Bentley's more amusing tools is the Size Destabilizer, which causes enemies to shrink and become easier to squish. Bentley does have a few attacks that take down enemies such as a punch or a wheelspin.


    Murray carrying Bentley.
    Murray carrying Bentley.
    Murray is the brawn of the Cooper gang. He relies on brute strength rather than stealth, but that doesn't mean he can't sneak when he has to. Using his fists, Murray can use his Juggernaut Throw to make enemies explode once they hit the ground, then use his Fists of Flame to create a wall of fire. He can also use his Berserker Charge to trample enemies under his feet or use Temporal Lock to freeze them in place. Murray also has a Guttural Roar to scare enemies into running away. Along with his regular moves, Murray can change into his ball form and smash enemies from great heights.

    Other Characters

    Occasionally you control the other members of the Sly Cooper gang.


    While not a member of the gang, there are a few parts where Carmelita is playable. These segments are most like a third-person shooter, with the camera placed behind her and a reticule on the screen. The gameplay involves shooting enemies with her pistol and dodging their attacks.


     In the Island stage, you take control of Dimitri as he goes scuba diving. Armed with a spear gun, you must evade underwater enemies and fire spears at them. Dodge controls are mapped to the face buttons and there is also a boost to get out of harms way.

    The Guru

    The Guru has the ability to jump on to an enemy's back and take control of their mind. You can control the speed at which the enemy runs, but hit an obstacle and the Guru will fall off.

    The Panda King

    In the China stage, you take control of the Panda King to ward off incoming zombies with his fireworks. To fire the explosives, hold the charge button and he will start to fill the tubes on his back with rockets. You can target enemies by looking at them, which causes a set of brackets to surround them. Once the Panda King has loaded his rocket tubes, release the charge button to fire the rockets at targeted enemies.


    Boat Chase

    Boat Chase
    Boat Chase
    During the Venice chapter, a boat chase takes place between Sly and Bentley and some Venetian thugs. To finish the chase, you must navigate through the canals of Venice with taking out the thugs. You can take down thugs by shooting them with the gun mounted on the front of your boat. Wear down the thug's health bar and his boat will sink. Sink three thug boats (while dodging the many obstacles in the canal) and the mission is complete.

    Dump Truck

    After stealing the dump truck in the Outback level, you must collect giant red scorpions in a nearby quarry by flipping the truck over to trap them. Since the ground is scorching, you must drive through water or crush blue scorpions under your tires. After you collect enough red scorpions, you release them to terrorize the quarry workers.


    Biplane Tournament
    Biplane Tournament
    In the Holland chapter, you participate in a dog-fighting tournament. To win each round, you must eliminate every opponent on the field. You eliminate other pilots by shooting them until their plane crashes. Health and ammo power-ups replenish their respective bars, but run out of health and the round is over.

    Pirate Ship

    Ship Battle.
    Ship Battle.
    During the Pirate Cove level, you steal a pirate ship and take it to find buried treasure. You are given a map and you must travel across the map to get the treasure. If an enemy ship gets close to you, a battle begins in which you must outmaneuver the other ship and fire at it with your cannons. If your ship is hit with a cannonball you must fix the hole by hitting with Sly's staff. Wear down the other ship's health bar and it will sink. Once you reach the destination the mission is complete. Money and various pirate ranks can be acquired through extensive play of this mode. Resources acquired can then be translated into powerups for Sly and the gang.


    During some missions while playing Bentley, you must participate a computer hacking minigame to complete your task. Resembling a top-down dual-stick shooter, you must blast your way past the firewall's defenses to reach the end.

    Safe Cracking

    During some missions as Sly, a safe must be opened to get some kind of valuables. To open the safe, you must slowly rotate the left analog stick until you feel the controller vibrate, indicating a tumbler is going to fall into place. Once you feel the vibration, slowly reverse your rotation until you feel it again. Once all three tumblers are in place, the light on the safe will turn green and the door will open.

    Art Decryption

    Sometimes valuable information will be hidden in vaults with combination locks. Usually placed behind an artwork, the work itself contains the combination to the safe. To decrypt the artwork you must search the through the image to find the combination, then input the code into the safe for it to open.

    RC Car

    Some missions need the aid of Penelope's RC car. Steer the car with the analog stick, accelerate with X and fire the attached guns with the square button.

    RC Chopper

    Along with her car, Penelope uses an RC Helicopter. Pick up objects with the heli's attachment at hurl them at enemies on the ground. The helicopter is also powerful enough to rip the turrets off of tanks, which is required for a specific mission.


    Cops and Robbers

    Play as either Sly or Carmelita in a two-player face off. As Sly, your goal is to collect various pieces of loot around the map, which are marked by waypoints, and drop them off at safe points. As Carmelita, you need to defeat Sly with your trusty Shock Pistol. The first player to reach a score of five wins! In and around the environment, you'll find star-shapes that will appear periodically. Each of these icons gives the player a temporary Power-Up, depending on the character.

    Co-op Hack

    Hack your way into the security system and survive wave after wave of attacking sentries. Work together or separately to rack up points and make it to the exit gate before your opponent. You can move your avatar by pressing the left analog stick or directional buttons in any direction. You can shoot by pressing the right analog stick or directional buttons in any direction. Pick up star-shaped Power-Ups to gain one of several abilities.


    Play as either Sly or Carmelita and go head-to-head in a fierce two-player dogfight. The first player to rack up 10 kills wins!

    Floating around the environment, you'll find star-shaped icons that will give the player a special Power-Up. Once collected, press the [L1] button to fire/use the Power-Up.


    1. Main Title and Credits
    2. Penelope's Mighty Sky Chopper
    3. China Palace Grounds
    4. Dr. M's Island
    5. Dr. M's Aerial Attack
    6. Bentley and Penelope Suite
    7. Murray the Ghost
    8. The Shaman Rides
    9. Sly the Pirate insults Pete
    10. Pirate Fight
    11. Gauntlet of the Ancestors
    12. Bamboo Fight
    13. Feeding the Croc
    14. Lemonade Drinking Contest
    15. Zombies' Army
    16. Carmelita vs Muggshot
    17. China Palace Interior
    18. Venice Chase
    19. Hotel Lobby with Muggshot
    20. Fight with the Black Baron
    21. Dimitri Underwater
    22. The Great Sea Battle
    23. The Treasure Island
    24. Venice Espionage
    25. Holland Dogfight
    26. Murray fights the Hybrids
    27. Canada Train Station (bonus track from Sly 2: Band of Thieves)
    28. Sly's Great Train Robbery (bonus track from Sly 2: Band of Thieves)
    29. Sly in Paris (Theme of Sly 2: Band of Thieves)

    Additional Stuff

    Parts of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves have the option to be displayed in a 3D format. Copies of the game include a pair of 3D glasses that are worn for these sequences.

    Sly 3 is backwards compatible with PlayStation 3.

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