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    The Slylandro are an alien race from Star Control II. They are a gaseous race.

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    The Slylandro are unique, in that they are the only known intelligent race to have a gas giant as their homeworld, known as Source. They have no physical technology, as whatever they try to construct will become too heavy and fall further into the dangerous depths of Source. However, they are quite curious about the rest of the universe, eager to chat with alien races that come to visit them as well as sharing  information about themselves. Sadly, it is impossible for them to keep written records, so they try to preserve history through songs known as 'History Chants'.
    Their culture is egalitarian and revolves mostly around clouds. They are friendly and willing to answer any questions, except for the embarrassing topic of their glowing parts, visible to other species but not to them, as they are reproductive organs. 

    Since they cannot build starships or rise up above their planet's atmosphere without dying, they purchased a self-replicating probe, meant to explore the universe and return to them with information. Unfortunately for the rest of the galaxy, the Slylandro made adjustments to the probe's programming, unintentionally turning it into a threat to space explorers. However, the Captain can inform them of the disastrous results, and obtain a self-destruct code to immediately neutralize any probe he encounters.


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