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    Small Arms

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 22, 2006

    Fighting game similar to the Super Smash Brothers series but with mainly projectile weapons and ammunition.

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    Released on November 22nd, 2006 on Xbox Live Arcade by Gastronaut Studios Small Arms is a 4 player arena fighting game not unlike the popular Super Smash Bros. series, but with a substantial focus on projectile weapons. The game features 12 characters (each with a unique weapon), 8 stages and 4 single player modes in addition to multiplayer (both local and over Xbox Live.) One downloadable content pack featuring new stages, characters and achievements was later released for the game. 


    The characters in Small Arms are the result of inhumane research experiments by Dr. Soandso -- an assistant professor at Toledo University. Dr. Soandso was awarded a contract by the Military to create the perfect solider through a mix of genetic engineering and cybernetic technologies. 
    Soon afterwards Soandso was dishonorably relieved of his position at the university due to his cruel experiments. After being fired from the university, Soandso wasted the contract money on a pyramid scheme and bad real estate investments --  soon after, one month before his deadline to create the perfect soldier he scraped together all of his unscrupulous research and created a band of misfits using cataloged DNA and household appliances. Appalled by Dr. Soandso's creations, the military covered up the problem by dispersing the mutants across time, never to be heard from again (or so they thought.)


    Small Arms uses a hybrid fighting/shooting system with 3D characters battling out on 2D stages much akin to Super Smash Bros. The controls are a Geometry Wars esque dual-joystick control scheme to fire weapons, the left stick moves the character and the right stick is used for aiming. And while projectile weapons are largely focused on there is also a (very simple) melee system. Additionally, each weapon has a unique primary and special fire to take advantage of -- and while every weapon is unique to a certain character they will randomly appear during matches and can be picked up and used by any character. Weapons require ammo, which in-game the ammo pick ups are depicted as large batteries which depending on the size of the battery will restore either some or all ammo to the current weapon. 
    Each player has a health bar which can be replenished by various food pick ups which will appear randomly throughout matches. There are six different food pick ups which will give various amounts of heath (for instance the canned sardines give the smallest amount of health, while the spare ribs will replenish all health.)     


    Small Arms features 5 modes;
    • This is the single player "story" mode in Small Arms, where the player will take on nearly every other character in the game attempting to defeat each one. Shooting range challenges will also occur while playing through this mode.
    • Bonuses worth extra points can be had by completing certain actions during each match -- for example not eating any food during a match.
    • The player has 5 lives in this mode, no more, no less. When all 5 lives are depleted, you can continue on, but at the cost of half of your points.
     Vegan (1000 points) Player did not eat any food during the match.
     Perfect (1500 points) Player did not die or receive damage during the match.
     Invincible (750 points) Player did not die during the match.
     Gourmet (1000 points) Player ate lots of food during the match. 
     Saved by the Bell (minus 500 points) Player was extremely close to death before the match ended.
     Cannibalism (1000 points) Player ate food that related to the character being played (i.e. player used the Mr. Truffles character and ate a Baked Ham item)

    Battle Mode
    • This is the simple 4 player versus mode. It can be played local, or over Xbox Live.
    Training Mode

    Shooting Range
    •  Mission Mode must be completed for this mode to unlock for use at any time. 
    • This mode features targets that move on several different levels above the player, from left to right or right to left that the player must attempt to hit with his or her weapon. 
    • In this mode you are limited to using the Pistol, no matter which character you pick.

    TargetPoints the target is worth when hit
     Any target that is hit with a rocket 10 points
     Green Target  100 points
     Green Target (bullseye) 200 points
     Red Target 250 points
     Red Target (bullseye) 500 points
     Blue Target 500 points
     Blue Target (bullseye) 1000 points
     Grey Target 2500 points
     Grey Target (bullseye) 5000 points

    Challenge Mode 
    • This mode pits the player against a never-ending slew of enemies. At calculated points during the mode dubbed "meal time" food (health) will drop from the sky.


    Denotes this is a DLC character.
    Denotes this character must be unlocked.
     Marky Kat
     Marky Kat

    Marky Kat

    • Bio: Once a ruthless marcenary earlier in life, but later grew an empire out of illegal arms trading. He's now the 3rd richest mutant cyborg in the world.
    • Weapon: Chaingun Arm.
    • Primary weapon firing mode: Rapid-fire Chaingun.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Shotgun blast.         
     Lord Peet
     Lord Peet

     Lord Peet
    • Bio: Lord Peet is not actually from the 13th century. Nor is he of any kind of noble lineage. He merely enjoys Ye Renaissance Faire when it arrives in town.
    • Weapon: Bow Arm
    • Primary weapon firing mode: Crossbow Bolt.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Grenade Bolt.

    Fox Claw      
    Fox Claw      


    Fox Claw
    •  Bio: Fox Claw was the most deadly ninja of the Claw School of Ninjas -- until they discovered her mutant secret. Now she's on the run.
    • Weapon: Ninja Arm.
    • Primary weapon: Sword Slash.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Sword Throw.




    • Bio: Tyrone was raised in a research facility in the Arctic Circle. After a daring escape, he's been staying at the Natural Museum in Neo-Toledo.   
    • Weapon: Ice Arm.
    • Primary weapon firing mode: Ice Shard Gun.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Frost Cloud.
          Mr. Truffles
          Mr. Truffles

    Mr. Truffles

    • Bio: Mr. Truffles is a world-renowned assassin. He's equally adept at finding delicate mushrooms as he is finding head-shots.   
    • Weapon: Sniper Arm.
    • Primary weapon firing mode: High Velocity Shot.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Proximity Mines.
          Unit 51
          Unit 51


    Unit 51

    • Bio: Unit 51 is an elite soldier in the Space Marine. He also competes in those "Sport of the Future" tournaments year after year after year!
    • Weapon: Lighting Arm.
    • Primary weapon firing mode: Lightning Blast.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Electric Roller.


    • Bio: Zoe is an intergalactic pop-star from the 22nd century. She is best known for her #1 hit single, "Lover-bot."
    • Weapon: Plasma Arm.
    • Primary weapon firing mode: Plasma Orb Blaster.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Force Beam.
     Pector El Pollo
     Pector El Pollo


    Pector El Pollo
    • Bio: Pector El Pollo was a famous Mexican mutant wrestler, that was until cock-fights were outlawed.
    • Weapon: Flame Arm.
    • Primary weapon firing mode: Flame Thrower.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Molotov Cocktail.


    • Bio: ISO is a robot with one purpose: to serve the rich aboard 21st century cruise ships. Also, he's a killing machine with an appetite for meat.
    • Weapon: Multi-Combat Arm.
    • Primary weapon firing mode: Pistol.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Missle.
    • To unlock this character, you must complete Mission Mode with any character.

     Billy Ray Logg
     Billy Ray Logg

    Billy Ray Logg^

    • Bio: Billy Ray Logg is the world's first mutant tree, and he's furious about it.
    • Weapon: Saw Arm.
    • Primary weapon firing mode: Saw Blade Shot.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Saw Blade Shield.
    • To unlock this character, you must defeat him in Mission Mode with any character.

     Mousey McNuts
     Mousey McNuts

    Mousey McNuts^
    • Bio: Mousey grew up as a ragamuffin in 19th century London. He's lovable street urchin with a penchant for sweeping chimneys and swiping purses. 
    • Weapon: Duo Arm.
    • Primary weapon firing mode: Dual Pistols.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Bullet Storm.
    • To unlock this character, you must defeat him in Mission Mode with any character.    

    Professor Von Brown 
    Professor Von Brown 

    Professor Von Brown^
    •  Bio: Von Brown is a doctor of transcendental psychology, and a devotee of the occult. Years back he had a horrible accident involving a children's doorstep prank and a teleportation spell.
    • Weapon: Psychic Arm.
    • Primary weapon firing mode: Psychic Tracers.
    • Special weapon firing mode: Telekinetic Push.
    • To unlock this character, you must defeat him in Mission Mode with any character.    



    • Bio: A four-time 'Mr. Arctic-Ice Tournament' ice fishing champion with a penchant for recycling and defending the environment. He's especially protective about his favorite fishing spot, the Arctic Ice Floe, as unlucky seafarers recently discovered!  
    • Weapon: Ninja Arm.




    • Bio: He enjoys the outside, long raids of small defenseless villages, and an occasional round of penguin bowling.  
    • Weapon: Bow Arm.
       ISO-7982 (Boss character in Mission Mode) 
    • This character is non-playable.
    • Looks identical to ISO-7982, except the boss version is larger and has more health.



    * Denotes this is a DLC arena.  
    • Bazaar
    • Outhouse
    • Moonbase
    • Sewer
    • Train
    • Tornado
    • Waterfall
    • Volcano
    • *Iceberg
    • *Village


     Battery The player receives a small amount of ammo.
     Car Battery Completely refills ammo bar.
     Canned Sardines The player receives a small amount of health; roughly one quarter of the health bar is refilled.
     Sardine The player receives a small amount of health; roughly one quarter of the health bar is refilled.
     T-Bone Steak The player receives a small amount of health; slightly less than one half of the health bar is refilled.
     Baked Ham The player receives a large health boost; exactly one half of the health bar is refilled.
     Roasted Chicken The player receives a large health boost; roughly 3/4's of the health bar is refilled.
     Spare Ribs The player receives full health.

    Downloadable Content

    A DLC pack featuring 2 new stages (Village and Iceberg) and 2 new characters (Ivor and Gullarp) was released on June 7th, 2007 -- 6 months after the games original release. A title update was released side-by-side with the DLC pack that effected weapon balancing and other issues.

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