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In 1993, when players was waiting for DOOM to come out, a conversation was being held on a Usenet forum about how DOOM would not be so great if it had a crazy name. Someone suggested SPISPOPD as an example of a name that was too unwieldy to catch on. In reaction to this, a game was created based on this joke. The game was reportedly made in 48 hours.

Players control a man that attacks killer pumpkins with an axe. The levels incorporate a lot of mazes and basic puzzles, and periodically a giant pumpkin boss.

Popular Culture

Note that these are references to SPISPOPD, though most are a result of DOOM, not SPISPOPD the game.

  • idspispopd was the no clipping cheat code in the original DOOM.
  • There was a dialog reference in the first DOOM novel.
  • The Smashing Pumpkins included a DOOM sample in "Where Boys Fear to Tread"

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