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    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released 1981

    Snafu challenges you to be the last remaining player by avoiding hitting walls and other players. It is similar to the "Snake" games.

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    An old game that provides timeless fun.

    The term 'Snafu' is fitting as the object of the game is to trap your opponent's snake into either running into your snake, or forcing them to coil in on themselves until they inevitably have nowhere left to go but to "crash". The game, depending on the mode you choose, can consist of up to 4 snakes (two of which can be players, while the other two are computer opponents). When only one snake remains, the round is over, and the victor is awarded a point. The game ends, predictably, when one player achieves the point total that was set at the beginning.

    Snafu is very easy to pick up and understand right away. The controls consist of moving your snake around and that's about all there is to it. Most modes stick to the four cardinal directions - Up, Down, Left, and Right. However, you can find those that allow you to move diagonally, which leads to new strategies being required to win, as you can pass through another snake moving diagonally, if timed right.

    Snafu's graphics are clean and to the point. Given the limitations of the system, there's nothing jaw-dropping about them, but the snakes move and grow fluidly, obstacles are easy to see, and the menu / scoring interfaces do their job.

    The sound, despite being considered primitive by today's standards, is well done. The background music starts off slow and methodical, but when only two snakes remain, the music picks up and gives a definite sense of urgency. The sound effects for crashing and eating another snake (on the levels where devouring your opponents is the goal) do their job nicely.

    Even though Snafu was made nearly three decades ago, the game-play and concept are as sound today as they were then. It is a highly addictive game, especially with a friend, and the numerous modes will keep things fresh and fun. Definitely a gem worth checking out if you ever get the chance.

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