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Might be hard to sneak around as a heavily-buffed commando, Snake.
Might be hard to sneak around as a heavily-buffed commando, Snake.

Snake's Revenge is an espionage hybrid top-down/sidescrolling action-adventure game developed by Ultra and published by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System in April 1990 (for North America only, later released on March 1992 in Europe). It is an unofficial sequel to the NES version of Metal Gear and is considered non-canon to the Metal Gear franchise.

Set in 1998, three years after a recruit of the elite United States special forces unit FOXHOUND (codenamed "Solid Snake") destroyed the bi-pedal nuclear-equipped tank Metal Gear. After learning that an undisclosed Middle East nation may have plans for the superweapon and may be secretly constructing a new model, players reprise the role of Snake, who is now he leader of a three-man team (Operation 747, comprised of himself, former Navy intelligence agent John Turner, and former Marine explosives expert Nick Myer) sent to infiltrate a heavily-guarded facility.

Much of the gameplay mechanics from the predecessor, including stealth and item tactics, remain in Snake's Revenge. However, the game simplifies the game's action, giving less emphasis on stealth and more on action combat (particularly in the new side-scrolling sequences, which build upon the elevator sequence in the original).


One of the games side-scrolling sequences
One of the games side-scrolling sequences

The gameplay of Snake's Revenge is similar to that of the original Metal Gear except that it has less of an emphasis on stealth and is much more action oriented. The player starts the game with two weapons (a knife and a pistol) unlike in the original where the player starts the game unarmed. Throughout the game one can essentially run through most of the game shooting enemies and moving from area to area without having to worry about being stealthy. The game adds side-scrolling stages between the main overhead areas. These stages are fast-paced and action packed, similar to the rest of the game.

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