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    Snakeybus is an action driving game inspired by Snake games seen on old cell phones and web browsers and Crazy Taxi. The player is expected to drive a bus or bus-like vehicle throughout a map with a goal of either increasing the score or surviving a time limit. Increasing the score requires players to pick up passengers at designated pick up points and drop them off at a designated random destination in the map. Ironically enough, some bus stop models don't have potential passengers, and some pick up points don't have bus stop models. The vehicle has a passenger limit, requiring the player to drop off passengers to make progress. Dropping off passengers increases the vehicle's passenger capacity and thus it's length via additional copies of the vehicle turning it to a literal crazy train rampaging through cities and suburbs. The bus has the ability to jump, allowing the bus to literally criss-cross over itself or use itself as a road. Earning points allows the player to unlock more maps and cosmetic vehicle types. Unlike it's inspiration, death doesn't occur immediately upon collision with the environment or itself and instead occurs when the player inevitably reaches a point where the player can't move much anymore, because the vehicle is so extremely elongated that it covers the road in a seemingly endless bus train of itself.


    Snakeybus features multiplayer with a server browser to play against other Steam players. Multiplayer battles take place in a single map called Neo Chicago.


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