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    Snatchers are a robotic life form which murder human beings, then take on their identity.

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    Snatchers are the primary antagonists in the video game Snatcher. Snatchers are robotic killing machines who take on the identity of their victims. 
    Due to flaws in their artificial skin they can only come out at night during the winter months due to the sun's UV rays being at their weakest. When they do go out in the sun they have to wear a large amount of sunscreen so their skin does not develop cancer like symptoms. 
    Other signs that a person has been replaced by a snatcher or that they are operating in a area is the presence of Snow-9 (an artificial pollen that resembles snow, harmful to humans if inhaled directly) and pictures/materials relating to Moscow. 
    Snatchers are also known to travel with small robotic drones known as Insectors.

    Snatchers very closely resemble the Terminator, which created legal problems at one point. Because of this, sublte changes were made to their look, including their green eyes.

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