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It's the sniper man!
It's the sniper man!

Sniper Ghost Warrior, a series of mediocrity. Unlike my previous two ranking lists on Far Cryand Resident Evil, where my thoughts on the game go from hate to love, this series goes from hate to feeling okay about the game. This to me isn't a spectacular series, but this series can still be ranked. Welcome to my ranking of the Sniper Ghost Warrior series.

Before getting in, I want to give out some extra detail as to my experience with the games. I will be ranking all four games (Sniper: Art of Victory and Sniper Ghost Warrior 1-3). I am ranking them based off of my experience with their single player campaign offerings. So multiplayer and DLC will not factor into my ranking. let's get started.

4. Sniper: Art of Victory

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Sniper: Art of Victory is a bad game. The sniping, the integral piece to a sniping game, was broken, the game was incredibly buggy, most of the other guns didn't work well or at all either, the enemy A.I. was terrible, and the graphics looked like they were for a game made in 2002 despite being a 2008 release. In most games I can find a redeeming quality, but this isn't most games. I guess their is one redeeming quality to the game, and that it's price tag is appropriately at $3 on Steam (although that may be too much to ask). Fortunately, none of the other games were as bad as this one, though they weren't great either. Let's move on to number three.

3. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

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Despite better shooting mechanics and a big increase on graphics, I actually came out of Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 thinking that it was worse than the first game. Sure, the first game was buggy and didn't age well, but it did something right that SGW2 didn't: it allowed me to tackle enemies and missions my way (mostly). When it came to big sniping parts, the game would direct you to who you should shoot next instead of allowing you to choose. Also, these big sniping parts would have you up in a sniping point instead of being in that area, which made more sense but wasn't as fun. The game only really gave me freedom as to how I tackle enemy encounters along the way to big sniping parts, but usually the amount of enemies to kill was small enough to make tackling the enemies easy in a boring way. Also, issues like a serious lack of weapons and the sniper dot taking an annoying amount of time to appear as well as some other gripes plagued my gameplay experience. Ultimately, the game's biggest downfall was that it got too linear and took too many options from you that what you are left with is a game where they tell you to shoot dudes in an order and move on. Stealth games shouldn't tell you how to tackle enemies, but this game did that as well as other issues puts this game at number three.

2. Sniper Ghost Warrior

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What got this game at this point wasn't because I felt that this game was better and belonged at number two, but that the other two were worse and this game fell into the number two spot. Despite some issues like terrible gun controls, terrible dialogue (though this is an issue that plagues all of the games), bad alternate missions where you become part of an assault team instead of a sniping team, and more, Sniper Ghost Warrior Still remembered to be a sniping game. Levels were open and allowed you to take on enemies your own way, with occasional levels guiding you (though these levels felt like they needed to be guided more than SGW2's levels). Despite a lack in weaponry, their was still more diversity than SGW2 and you could even pick up weapons off of the ground. The assault missions were bad, but it was still nice to have an occasional break from the sniper stealth missions. And my gameplay time with this game was longer than the second game. Despite not aging like a fine wine, the first Sniper Ghost Warrior game was more daring and more open than the second game, and that is what ultimately puts this game at number two.

1. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

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I don't think this game is great, but I do think it was alright and a little bit underrated, which is ultimately leagues better than the other three in the franchise and makes this game easily number one. The sniping felt so good to me in this game that I actually turned off the red diamond and started sniping dudes by calibrating my scope and checking wind speeds. Not only did I feel like I was a real sniper because of how I was calibrating a sniper rifle (though I bet it is much more difficult in real life), every sniper kill felt like a mini accomplishment. The game being open world worked hand-in-hand with stealth sniping, and this time the game had a large enough arsenal that allowed me really tackle missions the way I wanted to. I can't say much is great about the game; the environment is ugly, the story sucks, and it ultimately feels like it is copying a basic open world formula similar to Far Cry. But that was a change I ultimately think the game needed, as for it ultimately nails what is important in the series: stealth sniping. And because of that, I put this game at number one.

That is it for my list. I know multiplayer is a big piece of the pie for some of the games and may have changed the list up, but I didn't play them because I assumed their multiplayer's were dead. Also, at the end of each game I felt like I have had enough of that game that I probably wouldn't have played its multiplayer either way. But what's done is done, and this list is done. Since I haven't seen any other ranking of this series and I have no clue how people gauge the series, I would love to hear your ranking of the series in the comments. Thank you for checking out my list.

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