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The Sniper uses his enhanced aiming ability to kill enemies from long range. If someone goes past his aim, he still has his SMG to help in survival. Monday Night Combat's Sniper is a versatile type of sniper, being capable of set up and wait for the kill, and get in and out of dangerous situations.

Default Endorsements

  • Gold: Critical Shot
  • Silver: Weapon Accuracy
  • Bronze: Armor


  • Sniper Rifle - The Sniper's primary weapon, it has slow firing, and a poor accuracy when hip fired, but when the Scope (Alt-Fire) is used, pin-point accuracy is granted in exchange for reduced mobility and vision. This weapon gives "Critical Hits" when shots are made on enemies' heads.
  • SMG - When at close range, it is the best choice for the Sniper. Though it only does moderate damage per shot, the SMG's rate of fire almost rivals with the Assault Rifle. When alt-fired, it peforms a grapple.


  • Flak - Throws a hovering Grenade which sprays an area with team-colored sparks, dealing damage to enemies, and the Sniper (if he's in range). The upgrades enhances the damage and AOE.
  • Traps - Small landmines that slows enemies and makes a "chilling mist" effect, setting them as easy preys for the Sniper. Upgrading this skill increases the number of traps active at the same time and freezing them up to 5 seconds.
  • Sniper Grapple - The Sniper has a dedicated grapple, giving him a potent close-quarters attack. This skill's upgrades improve damage and allows the Sniper to throw enemies away, hitting them with his rifle like a golf club.
  • Sniper - The Sniper's passive skill improve the effectiveness of his Sniper Rifle shots, dealing more damage. Upgrading this gives bullet penetration to shots, and a small explosion to nearby enemies.

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