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    The Sniper is a character class in the Team Fortress franchise. As his name would suggest, the Sniper is more than happy to relieve your skull of the duty of holding your brains.

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    The Sniper is a character class in the Team Fortress franchise and is considered one of three support classes (the other two being Spy and Medic). As his name would suggest, the Sniper uses a Sniper Rifle as his primary weapon and is best used for picking off characters from a long range. The Sniper Rifle "charges up" while the player is looking through the scope, and deals more damage as the charge increases. The Sniper Rifle only critical hits when it gets a headshot (critical hits cause 3x normal damage). A fully charged headshot will kill any non-ubered enemy. The Sniper is also equipped with a Submachine Gun and a Kukri survival knife to deal with enemies who are too close to be effectively targeted by the Sniper Rifle.

    Sniper's adoptive parents are based physically on Eustace and Muriel Baggs from Courage The Cowardly Dog, after a long-running joke in the fandom. His mother seems to be more understanding of his job than his father is. The two of them appear to be the only ones in Australia without mustaches, perhaps due to lack of exposure to Australium. Sniper's real name is Mun-Dee, but spent his life as Mr. Mundy, and he really seemed to dislike The Director trying to portray him as a victim.

    It is shown in the "Blood In The Water" comic that Sniper is originally from New Zealand as he discovers his 'parents' were really his adoptive parents. He meets his biological parents in New Zealand; Father, Bill-Bel and Lar-nah, his mother.

    During the 'Contract' updates, if given a Sniper related contract a voice line by Miss Pauling will be heard calling sniper a 'Kiwi'. Giving his true origin as fact.

    After Meet The Spy, both Sniper in-game models gained a scar on their cheek, as a reference to the BLU Sniper vs. RED Spy fight in the video.

    Vital Stats

    Health: 125

    Speed: 100% of normal, 27% while zoomed, 1.3% while zoomed and crouched

    Character Type: Support


    In his former life as a tracker of dangerous game in the unforgiving Austrailian outback, the Sniper would spend months by himself. Prolonged isolation taught him a valuable lesson: You don't have to rely on other people if you never miss. The Sniper's father does not like his job and calls him "a crazed gunman" (the Sniper's counter argument is that he is an "assassin" and that "ones a job and the other is mental sickness"

    Country of origin: Adelaide St., Australia

    Job: Precision Elimination

    Motto: "Pink Cloud of Death"

    Emblem: Crosshair

    Default Weapons

    Sniper Rifle
    The Sniper rifle is appropriately the primary weapon of the Sniper. It is a single shot, bolt action rifle. It is most effective when zoomed in. When zoomed in, a meter indicates the charge of the shot and a small red/blue dot to aid in aiming. It takes 4 seconds to fully charge to 100%, which deals approximately triple the damage. Headshots from a zoomed sniper rifle are guaranteed critical hits (Tripling damage again).
    Slot: Primary Weapon
    Clip Size: 1
    Ammo Reserve: 25
    • Uncharged Bodyshot - 34-66
    • 100% Charge Bodyshot - 110-195
    • Uncharged Headshot - 150
    • 100% Charge Headshot - 450

    The sniper waves and says:
    • "Beauty!"
    • "Thanks fer standin' still, wanker!"
    • "There ya go!"
    • "Wave goodbye to yer 'ead, wanker!"
    • "G'Day!"
    Sniper Rifle
    Sniper Rifle
    Submachine Gun (SMG)
    The Submachine Gun is the side arm of the Sniper. Used mostly when being rushed or confronted by a closer opponent, the SMG is capable of defending the sniper, but is certainly less effective than the sniper rifle at long range. The SMG is a useful tool for killing or fishing out spies.
    Slot: Secondary
    Clip Size: 25
    Ammo Reserve: 75
    • Point Blank Range - 10-12
    • Medium Range - 4-6
    • Long Range - 4-5
    • Critical Hits - 24

    The sniper kicks his heels together, punches the air and says:
    • "God save the queen!"
    • "Yaaaagh!"
    Submachine Gun
    Submachine Gun
    Commonly incorrectly referred to as the machete, the Kukri is the sniper's melee weapon. Works wonders for ruining a spy's day. When a critical hit occurs the sniper swings the Kukri with both hands in an overhead attack.
    Slot: Melee
    • Point Blank - 45-95
    • Critical Hits - 195

    The sniper takes off his hat, holds it across his chest with a grave expression and says:
    • "Y'got blood on my knife, mate."
    • "You'd best keep lyin' down."
    • "That funeral ain't gonna be open casket."

    Unlockable Weapons

    A previous unlock idea, the Walkabout, was replaced by the Hunstman. The Walkabout would have allowed the Sniper to move at normal speed while shooting, the downside being no charging, zooming and less damage. The developers scrapped this idea because they felt it was too reminiscent of players wielding sniper rifles in the game Counter-Strike.

    The Huntsman - (Replaces the sniper rifle)
    A bow and arrow which works somewhat similar to the original Sniper Rifle, but gives the sniper more freedom to fight closer to the front lines. The player must hold fire to pull back the arrow and release it to shoot. The Hunstman only takes 1 second to fully charge, but only holds 12 arrows (compared to the Rifle's 25 bullets). It also has no scope, instead of zooming, alt-fire releases tension on the string without firing. Arrows can impale victim's bodies to walls if they are near one when killed, and if the target survives they will still have an arrow sticking out of their body.
    The Huntsman provides a faster walking speed while readied versus walking with the Sniper Rifle zoomed, but it's accuracy of deteriorates when pulled back for too long. There is a visible "wobble" in the Sniper's hand after about 5 seconds of charge. Arrows are strongly effected by the length of the pull, with zero charge it will move relatively slow and arc downward quickly. A fully charged arrow flies extremely fast and only dips slightly.
    If a friendly Pyro uses his flamethrower on you when using the Huntsman you will get flaming arrows! They don't do any more damage but will set anyone they hit on fire (except for enemy Pyros as usual).
    • Bodyshot: 44-58 (0% charge), 103-137 (100% charge)
    • Headshot: 153 (0% charge), 360 (100% charge)

    (Note that you cannot kill an over-healed Heavy with a fully charged headshot, unlike the Sniper Rifle)
    Taunt: The Huntsman taunt is a kill-taunt, it only works if the enemy is standing right in front of you. The Huntsman taunt has 2 parts. The first part the Sniper takes the arrow in his right hand and shoves the shaft into his enemy, this stuns the opponent. The second part, the Sniper pulls out the arrow killing the enemy.
    The Huntsman
    The Huntsman
    Razorback - (Replaces the SMG)
    A tribal shield with an electric voltage running through it. When the Sniper has this equipped he is immune to backstabs. Any Spy that tries to stab a Sniper wearing a Razorback will experience 2 seconds of stun where the spy cannot attack or switch weapons. One backstab will destroy the shield until the Sniper respawns.
    The Razorback
    The Razorback
    Jarate - (Replaces the SMG)
    A jar filled with the Sniper's urine. When it is thrown at opponents, the humiliation is so intense that it causes them to take 35% more damage for 10 seconds or until they wash Jarate off by jumping in water. Jarate will disrupt enemy spy cloaking devices and can also be used to extinguish teammates who are on fire. The jarate can hit multiple teammates and enemies in the area it explodes. The Sniper only carries one jarate at a time. When a jarate is thrown the recharge is 20 seconds before you get another one. The jarate will not extinguish flaming enemies.
    Advertisement for 'Jarate'.
    Advertisement for 'Jarate'.

    The Tribalman's Shiv - (Replaces the Kukri)

    The Tribalman's Shiv
    The Tribalman's Shiv

    The Sniper's first community weapon is a pretty nasty-looking variant of his traditional blade. While it does 50% less damage when striking an enemy, the Shiv will cause your opponents to bleed out, a new feature for TF2.

    Although bleeding works a lot like burning, it is much harder to stop early, the only cures are a large or medium med-kit.


    • Base: 32
    • Mini-crit: 43
    • Critical Hit: 96
    • Bleeding damage: 8 dmg/sec for 6 seconds

    The Tribalman's Shiv can be crafted by combining a Dead Ringer and a Huntsman.

    Croc-O-Style Set

    Having the full Croc-O-Style set grants the wearer immunity to death from headshots.

    Sydney Sleeper

    No Caption Provided

    This sniper rifle can't headshot, but what it does do is apply a jarate effect on the target that lasts longer the more you let it charge .

    Darwin's Danger Shield

    No Caption Provided

    G.rants the sniper 25 more health, however, it takes up the secondary weapon slot.


    No Caption Provided

    This bowie knife works well in tandem with Jarate and the buff banner to deliver guaranteed critical hits to sodden victims.With the added ability to still do random critical hits, this makes the sniper practically a one-hit kill with his melee weapon. however, it makes pyros and other fire sources a greater threat.

    • Attacks do critical hits wherever it would normally do mini-crits.
    • The user suffers from 20% fire damage vulnerability.

    Bazaar Bargain

    No Caption Provided
    • Base charge rate decreased by 20%
    • Each scoped headshot increases the weapon's charge rate for a maximum bonus of 50 percent.
    • A scoped body shot or miss reduces the bonus.


    No Caption Provided
    • +25% increase in damage when health <50% of max
    • -25% decrease in damage when health >50% of max


    No Caption Provided

    A futuristic railgun sniper rifle that does increased damage compared to the original, based off the Longsword 202 ERASER in Deus EX Human Revolution, and is the most powerful gun in the game.

    • Can penetrate objects at full charge (and can kill multiple opponents in one shot)
    • +15 percent damage when fully charged (for a maximum possible damage of 518 for a headshot, 185 for a bodyshot)
    • can only fire when scoped
    • Fires Tracer rounds

    The Hitman's Heatmaker

    No Caption Provided

    This weapon was unveiled in the Pyromania Event Day 2 alongside the Cleaner's carbine, and resembles a silenced sniper rifle.

    • Gains focus on Kills and Assists
    • Focus activates when meter is full
    • While focused,25 percent faster charge, and no unscoping
    • headshots decapitate victims
    • bodyshots have 20 percent less damage.

    The Cozy Camper

    No Caption Provided
    • Takes up Secondary Slot
    • No flinching while aiming
    • 1 Hp regenerated per second
    • knockback reduced by 20% by aiming
    • 80% slower speed with sniper rifle and Huntsman.

    The Frying Pan

    The skillet.
    The skillet.
    • A promo item from Left 4 Dead 2. It is a reskin of the kukri, that plays sound effects from the original game.

    The Cleaner's Carbine

    The Cleaner's Carbine
    The Cleaner's Carbine

    This weapon was unveiled in the Pyromania Event Day 2 alongside the Hitman's Heatmarker. it is an SMG resembling a silenced MP5K.

    • on kill, 3 seconds of guaranteed critical chance.
    • 20 percent smaller clip size
    • 35 percent slower fire rate.
    • no random critical hits.

    The AWPer Hand

    The AWPer Hand.
    The AWPer Hand.
    • This is the AWP from Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and is a re-skin of the default sniper rifle, using the Counter Strike sound effects. it was awarded in genuine quality to those who preordered Global Offensive by August 21st 2012.

    Meet The Sniper

    The ' Meet the Sniper' video was released along with the Pyro update on June 17th 2008.


    The Sniper is voiced by John Patrick Lowrie.


    The following is a list of phrases the Sniper often says.

    "Boom, headshot"

    "G'day mate!"

    "Thanks for standing still, wanker!"

    "God save the queen!"

    "You'd best keep lyin' down!"

    "Now that was a proper bloody rootin'!"


    "Thanks, mate!"

    "Piece of piss!"

    "Psshh, heh heh heh..."


    Below is Below is a list of every hat the Sniper can equip in the head slot.

    Miscellaneous items

    Below is a list of every item the Sniper can equip in the two misc slots.


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