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    SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 30, 1999

    SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium pits tiny versions of Capcom's and SNK's greatest warriors against each other in a variety of modes such as Street Fighter's 1-on-1, Marvel vs. series' 2-player tag teams, and KOF's 3-on-3 teams.

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    SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium is a fighting game released for the Neo Geo Pocket Color which features 26 fighters from the famed ranks of Capcom and SNK facing off against each other for the title of "The World's Mightiest". The game uses the most cartridge space of any game on the platform, and it's quite evident as this game is packed with content and offers a surprising amount of depth for a handheld title. This includes the option to fight in the typical solo fashion, in Marvel vs. Capcom style two person tag teams, or in King of Fighter's style three person queue teams. The game also allows the player to select from three distinct fighting styles modeled after those in other Capcom and SNK titles in the genre.


     Capcom and SNK villains join forces to take over the world.
     Capcom and SNK villains join forces to take over the world.
    M. Bison and Geese Howard join forces to hold the "Battle Tournament of Evil", and fighters from around the world enter for the chance to earn the title of "The World's Mightiest" and a massive purse of prize money. During this event, M. Bison and Geese Howard intend on capturing contestants in the tournament and enslaving them as the elite initiates of an unstoppable force known as the "Immortal Military". When the fighters find out about this plan, they strike back against M. Bison, Geese, and their evil allies.

    Like most fighting games, the plot will vary depending on what character is used in the main story mode. Of particular note is whether the character is from Capcom or SNK. After clearing the first couple of fights, either M. Bison or Geese will be alerted to your character's success depending upon which company the player fighter hails from. If the character is from the Capcom stable, then Billy Kane will bring the news to Geese and his bodyguards, Ripper and Hopper. If the fighter is from SNK, Vega will inform M. Bison, who is accompanied by Balrog and Sagat. Following this news, the messenger is dispatched to kill the fighter before they become a threat to the evil master plan. When either Vega or Billy show up to challenge the fighter, each is quickly dispatched by the player's rival fighter. After this the rivals do battle. Regardless of whether the fight with the rival is won or lost, the player continues through the tournament. Eventually, the player will stumble across the secret lair of M. Bison and Geese. Upon arrival, three robot clones of other fighters are dispatched to stop the player. After defeating all three, the player enters the main chamber. For SNK fighters, M. Bison will bring your attention to Ryu, who has already been captured and is floating a mysterious vat of liquid. Cacpom fighters will be shown Iori by Geese. A fight then commences with both Geese and M. Bison. After defeating them, an earthquake shakes the facility and turns it to rubble. Either Evil Ryu or Orochi Iori will emerge from the rubble and face off against the player. Upon defeating the evil enemy, a character specific ending will begin, usually involving Geese and M. Bison saying something to the effect of "you'll pay for this," and then fleeing. In most of the endings, either Billy Kane or Vega will again show up to challenge the player only to once again be defeated by the player's rival.

    Game Modes

    Tournament Mode

     Tournament mode is a globe trotting affair in the tradition of Street Fighter.
     Tournament mode is a globe trotting affair in the tradition of Street Fighter.
    This is the main mode of the game. It can be played in either Single, Tag, or Team mode featuring one-on-one, two-on-two, and three-on-three matches respectively. Depending on whether an SNK or Capcom character is selected will effect certain aspects of this mode. In the case of Tag or Team mode, the affiliation of the first character selected is considered. The battles begin with two standard matches against random opponents. Then, a cut scene will be triggered featuring Geese and Billy Kane if the player is Capcom or Vega and M. Bison if the player is SNK. Following this cut scene, there are two more standard matches against random opponents. After those two fights is a cutscene with either Vega or Billy Kane and the player fighter's rival which leads into a one round match against the rival fighter. Losing this match will not result in a game over but will have an effect on the ending. Next is the finals match of the tournament. After the bout, there is another cutscene where your fighter is captured by M. Bison and Geese. Next, there is a battle against three guards which will be Akuma, Zangief, and Morrigan if your character is SNK or Leona, Kyo, and Haohmaru if your character is Capcom. In the case that you're playing in Single or Tag mode, you will be fighting at a disadvantage here. If you're playing in Team mode, it will be a standard fight. Next, will be a cutscene with both M. Bison and Geese after which you will have to fight them (they will be identified as the G & B Alliance). In Single mode, this fight can be very difficult since both of the opponents must be defeated consecutively without regaining any health. In Tag mode, this will be a standard bout. In Team mode, the player will actually be at an advantage. After winning this battle, there is yet another cut scene and then one final fight in which SNK characters will fight Evil Ryu and Capcom characters will fight Orochi Iori.

    Sparring Mode

    This is the training mode of the game. Any two characters can be selected for a one-on-one match. The AI opponent's difficulty level can be set along with selecting whether he/she is to fight normally or just perform a set action such as counter, guard, etc.

    VS Mode

    From here two players can link up their NeoGeo Pocket Color handhelds and compete in Single, Tag, and Team matches. Each player must own their own copy of the game in order to do this. From this mode it is also possible to link up to other titles to exchange data. By linking up with either version of Capcom vs. SNK: Card Fighters Clash for the NeoGeo Pocket Color, you receive Olympic Mode VS points and hidden character panels will be turned over. Higher percentages of cards collected in Card Fighters Clash means more points received and more panels turned over. It is also possible to link up with the Dreamcast titles Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 and SNK vs. Capcom (unreleased?). This allows VS points earned in Olympic mode to be transferred over to these titles.

    Entry Mode

    This mode allows for the player to customize one single character, one two-person tag team, and one three-person team. For the single character, the background music and winning quotation can be set. For teams, the team members, team name, background music, and team win line can be set. Again, only one of each can be saved.

    Record Mode

    This is where the win-loss record for all tournament and VS mode matches are stored along with Olympic mode records.

    Olympic Mode

     Karin Kanzuki coaches the player through Olympic mode.
     Karin Kanzuki coaches the player through Olympic mode.
    Olympic mode contains many variations on the standard fighting mode along with several mini-games that can be played to earn medals and VS points. VS points can be spent to unlock new special moves for fighters. This mode begins by selecting either the SNK team or Capcom team, each of which offer a few unique events. The SNK team is coached by Samurai Showdown III's Rimururu, and the Capcom team is coached by Karin from Street Fighter Alpha 3. You are given the option to "Talk" with each coach which basically involves the character jabbering on with silly jokes or arguing about which fighters are hot. The main attraction however is the events which are:

    Survival: This event is a fight against 100 opponents. You only get one life bar, but it will refill slightly every time a fighter is defeated. Fighters in this mode are generally far weaker than those found in the tournament mode, but there is a noticeable increase in difficulty after about 50 fighters.

    Time Attack: This event is a challenge to defeat five opponents as quickly as possible. There is a seven minute time-limit that the event must be completed within.

    First Blast: In this event, you face ten opponents and whoever gets the first hit wins. You proceed through all ten fighters, win or loss, and are then scored based on win percentage, winning moves, and time taken.

    Target 9 (SNK Only): In this event you play as either Marco or Fio from Metal Slug and attempt to shoot down the Mars People from that same title. Flying saucers fly onto the screen and you move a crosshair onto them by pressing the d-pad in their direction. You only have six shots so you must strategically choose when to reload. If you fail to quickly shoot down a flying saucer it will shoot you, reduicing your health. By shooting red flying saucers, health can be restored. The game is over when you run out of health.

     Mini-game performances are ranked and high scores are tracked.
     Mini-game performances are ranked and high scores are tracked.
    Blade Arts (SNK Only): This event has you playing as Jubei from Samurai Shodown. You are challenged to slash at straw dummies by pressing the d-pad in their direction. You are awarded points based on the color of each dummy that is hit. Yellow is worth 300, Green is worth 600 points, and Red is worth 1200. The higher the point amount, the faster and more elusive the dummy is. In addition, by hitting five dummies in a row, you are awarded a bonus. The game ends when time runs out.

    Ghost Trick (Capcom Only): Here you play as Arthur from the Ghosts 'n Goblins games. You jump from platform to platform using the A and B buttons, and try to gather treasure while avoiding Arthur's familiar enemy Firebrand who jumps up in between platforms. You get 50 points for jumping to a platform, 1700 points for collecting a bag of money, and 5000 for getting a treasure chest. The game is over when time runs out or Arthur hits Firebrand.

    Cat Walk (Capcom Only): In this event you play as fighter Felicia in a mini-game that is very reminiscent of rhythm games like Parappa the Rapper or DDR. Buttons scroll on the side of the screen from the bottom to the top and you must press the corresponding button when it crosses a line at the top. By doing this properly, Felicia will dance and the "Boogie Gauge" increases. If you miss a button, the gauge falls. The event ends when the song is over or the "Boogie Gauge" falls to zero. There are six songs of increasing difficulty to select from. More difficult songs earn more points when cleared.

    Basic Controls

    D-Pad Left/Right = Move Left/Right              
    D-Pad Up = Jump                                             
    D-Pad Down = Crouch                                    
    A(Short Press) = Weak Punch                       
    B(Short Press) = Weak Kick                           
    A(Held Down) = Strong punch         
    B(Held Down) = Strong Kick
    A B = Taunt
    Away = Block
    2xLeft/Right = Dash Left/Right
    D-Pad Away A B = Tag Out (Tag Battle Only)


    Match of the Millennium offers standard best-of-three one-on-one matches, two-on-two tag matches, and three-on-three team matches. In tag matches, the two fighters on either team can be swapped out at any time whereas with the three-person teams the next team member only comes in after the previous one is defeated. At certain points in the Tournament mode there are some other variations that will appear such as one-on-two and one-on-three.

    The controls overall are mostly reminiscent of Capcom fighters, but they do integrate some features of SNK fighters as well. Prior to each match, the game presents you with the option to select from one of three fighting styles:
    • Average Style: The Power Gauge is charged up by attacking, guarding, or using Impact Blasts. When energy reaches LV1, Super Impact Blasts become available. When the Power Gauge reaches MAX, LV2 Super Impact Blasts can be used. Using any Super Impact Blast resets the Powr Gauge.
    • Counter Style: The Power Gauge is charged up by using the Power Builder command(Down,A B hold). The fighter is powered up and Super Impact Blasts become available once the the Power Gauge reaches MAX. Once the Power Gauge reaches MAX and the life gauge starts flashing simultaneously, LV2 Super Impact Blasts become available.
    • Rush Style: The Power Gauge is charged up by attacking, guarding, or using Impact Blasts. When the gauge reaches MAX, 1 power stock is stored. Up to three power stocks can be stored. Each power stock is consumed by using a Super Impact Blast. LV2 Super Impact Blasts are not available when using this style.

    Each character plays in a very unique way. Some fighters are stronger and slower while others are faster and weaker. Each fighter also has their own unique set of moves that are pulled from their move sets in other titles. Some special moves must be unlocked by playing the Olympic Mode. Additional fighters are unlocked by playing through the Tournament mode. At the end of each playthrough of the Tournament mode, a random number of squares are punched out of a nine-tile grid and once the entire image underneath is revealed, a random character is unlocked.

    Character Roster

    No Caption Provided
    RyuStreet Fighter
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “Here I come!”
    Winning Quotations:
              “... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...” [arms folded]
              “... ... ... All right!” [arm raised]
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “I want to face the ultimate foe!”
              “Nice match... Let's go again!”
              “No one's stronger than me, fool!”
              “I wait for a stronger foe!”
              “Nice going, Ken! But I can't lose!” [after beating Ken]
    No Caption Provided
    Kyo Kusanagi - The King of Fighters '94
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “Here I come.”
    Winning Quotations:
              “I win.”
              “Burn, baby!”
              “You lack the fire!”
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “One bozo, well-done.”
              “Victory's talent... ... Effort's squat.”
              “Oh, boring. School's funner.”
              “I am hot. I can't lose.”
              “So, you want to be a real fighter? OK!”  
    No Caption Provided
    Ken MastersStreet Fighter 
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “Bring it on, pal!”
    Winning Quotations:
              “Yes! I won!” [thumbs up]
              “Yes! I won!” [two fingers]
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “What's this? Finished already?”
              “Like my power ball... huh? Enjoy!”
              “Sixty of you couldn't beat me!”
              “I'll crush you anytime, bud!”
    No Caption Provided
    Terry BogardFatal Fury
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “C’mon fool!”
    Winning Quotations:
              “All right!” [throws hat]
              “HMPH... ... ...”
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “You gotta want it!”
              “You're so weak. Get hungry!”
              “Stop pouting and win the next one!”
              “I'll give you a rematch anytime!”
              “Geese! Feel my fist of revenge!” [after beating Geese]  
    No Caption Provided
    Chun-LiStreet Fighter II
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “I'm set. Let's go!” [bows]
    Winning Quotations:
              “Wa ha ha! I did it!” [jumping]
              “I won?” [poses]
    Post-Match Dialogue:   
              “Sexy and a cop! I'm too much!”
              “You're hopeless! Use your head!”
              “I still want revenge, M.Bison!” [after beating M. Bison]
              “No footwork... Need a coach?”
              “Over so soon? You're pathetic!”
    No Caption Provided
    Mai Shiranui - Fatal Fury 2
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "Call me Mai!"
              "Can you beat me?"
    Winning Quotations:
              "Number 1!"
              "What a breeze!" [sits down]
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              "Overcome by my beauty, huh?"
              "I win in style and ability!"
              "Oh ho ho ho! What a breeze"
              "Cheer up! You got beat by me!"
              "You're in for a treat against me!" 

    No Caption Provided
    Guile Street Fighter II
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “I’m the Power!”
    Winning Quotations:
              "... ... ... ... ... ..."
    Post-Match Dialogue:     
              “Hey, reality! It's no picnic!”
              “I can't lose... I want revenge!”
              “Go home and see your family!”
    No Caption Provided
    Leona - The King of Fighters '96
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "I'm on a mission."
              "You're through."
    Winning Quotations:
              "... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..." [take's dog tag out of her hair]
             "Mission accomplished..."
    Post-Match Dialogue:
             “Bye bye, baby! Game over!”
             “You're so lucky... Real war's hell!”
             “Don't feel bad... It's just my job...”
             “What a novice... Butch up, punk!”
             “Did you, like, learn to lose?”
    No Caption Provided
    Zangief Street Fighter II
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "Whooah!" [does spinning lariat]
    Winning Quotations:
              “Gah ha ha!" [flexes]
              "Daaaaaah!" [points up]
              "To Russia!"
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              "Body tosses are where it's at!"
              "My victory's Russia's victory!"
              "You need to pump up, fool!"
              "The Red Cyclone destroys all!"
    No Caption Provided
    Haohmaru - Samurai Shodown
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “I’m so pumped!”
    Winning Quotations:
              "All right!"
              "I'm too much!"
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “Nothing like a post-combat shot!”
              “Stop moping! You're alive!”
              “I just love a good battle!”
              “Haohmaru the invincible wins!”   
    No Caption Provided
    Dan HibikiStreet Fighter Alpha
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "C'mon fool!" [forward roll taunt]
              "Stop shaking!"
    Winning Quotations:
              "Hey? That's it?" [crying]
              "So easy!" [thumbs up]
              "I won, father!" [crying]
              "Piece o' cake!" [thumbs up]
    Post-Match Dialogue:   
              “You had guts... Mop them up.”
              “I'm no match for you, snot!”
              “Be glad I held back, droolbag!”
              “Kyoguken karate? I wrote the book!” [after beating Ryo]
    No Caption Provided
    Ryo Sakazaki - Art of Fighting
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “Bring it on!”
    Winning Quotations:
              “I’m the one!”
              “Oh yeah!”
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “You're pathetic! Drop by my gym!”
              “You can't beat me like that, tyro!”
              “You got spunk. Be my disciple.”
    No Caption Provided
    Sakura KasuganoStreet Fighter Alpha 2
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "Sorry, I kept ya!" [running in] [first round]
              "Let's do it!" [after first round]
    Winning Quotations:
              "I'm hot!"
              "What I expected!" [arm straight up]
              "Yah ha ha ha!" [arm straight up]
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “You don't got the moves, pal!”
              “Street fighting's my communication.”
              “Whew! I love a good mix-up!”
              “Work on your guard, sieve!”
              “Can we rub knuckles again?”
    No Caption Provided
    Athena Asamiya - Psycho Soldier
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "Meet a goddess." [transforms] [first round]
              "Here I come." [after first round]
              "Athena is here!" [after first round]
    Winning Quotations:
              "I can't lose."
              "Psycho Ball! Fired!" [changes costume and sings]
              "Alright! I won!" [changes costume]
              "Yeah! Perfect!" [changes into leather bikini]
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “My fans keep me winning.”
              “This is my CD. Wanna hear it?”
              “You'll win if you got hope."
              “See my pictures?... Pretty sexy, huh?”
              “Can you fight in that skirt? Wow!” [after beating Sakura]
              “Psycho Power's not for evil!” [after beating M. Bison]
    No Caption Provided
    Morrigan AenslandDarkstalkers
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “Amuse me.”
    Winning Quotations:
              "Ho ho! Try again!" [floating on bats]
              "Well? I'm a babe aren't I?" [changes into street clothes]
    Post-Match Dialogue:     
              “Oh, so close! Feel better?”
              “You become me... ... ... Literally...”
              “I just love your tacky fashion.”
              “Close your eyes. Like, forever!”
              “I'll take your life force now."
    No Caption Provided
    Nakoruru - Samurai Shodown
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “Kamui, aid me!”
    Winning Quotations:
              "Nature's wrath!"
              "Thank you, Mamahaha!" [bird lands on her hand]
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “I hate hurting, but it's my job...”
              “Sorry... But you should heal fast...”
              “Oh good... The blood's stopped...”
              “Your existence affronts Nature.”
    No Caption Provided
    Felicia Darkstalkers
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "Meow, come on!" [transforms from a cat]
    Winning Quotations:
              "Purr... purr..." [Neko-chan appears]
              “Meow!" [turns into a cat]
    Post-Match Dialogue:     
              "This battling's murder on my fur!"
              "How strange... When did I win?"
              "Were you first in the ugly line?"
              "You talk funny. Stop it, okay!"
              "You gotta loosen up and enjoy it!"
    No Caption Provided
    Akari Ichijou - The Last Blade
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "Uh? Fell asleep!"
    Winning Quotations:
              "Over so soon? What a wimp!"
              "Good... Good!" [thumbs up]
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “You'se a fool to challenge me!”
              “Hey you'se guys, how's my English?”
              "You'se huge! A reglar giant! (after beating Zangief)
              “Takin' care of monsters is fun!”
              “Talk about easy. Loined yo lesson?”

    No Caption Provided
    Akuma Super Street Fighter II Turbo
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "I'm a god!"
    Winning Quotations:
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “Talk's cheap... ... I rely on power!”
              “I win with a blow. Got it?”
              “That's your best? Ridiculous!”
               “I'm Akuma! You're garbage!”
               “... ... ... Die!”
    No Caption Provided
    Iori Yagami - The King of Fighters '95
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “This’ll be fast!”
    Winning Quotations:
              "Wha ha ha!"
              "Oh, just die!"
    Post-Match Dialogue:
             “Hmph... loser!”
             “Die! You don't deserve to live!”
             “Heh heh heh... You're weak!” 
    No Caption Provided
    Baby Bonnie HoodDarkstalkers 3
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "La de da dum." [picks up flower]
    Winning Quotations:
              "Oh yeah!" [punch]
              "Eat this!" [three punches]
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “Show me the money! Well?”
              “Back off! Or I'll plug you!”
              “Whoops! Overdid it!”
              “Should I stab you or shoot you?”
    No Caption Provided
    Yuri Sakazaki - Art of Fighting 2
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “I will bop you!”
    Winning Quotations:
              "Victory pose!"
              "Bummer." [thumbs up]
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “Lose your cool, lose the battle.”
              “You won't die, but just want to!”
              “Busting people up is so soothing”
              “Greed will get you bruises.” [after beating B.B.Hood]
              “Add Ryo to Robert... ... ...and you get me!” [after beating Dan]
    No Caption Provided
    M. BisonStreet Fighter II
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "M.Bison kicks!"
    Winning Quotations:
              "Hmph. Wimp!"
              "My Psycho Power's invincible!"
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “Foolish weakling! Know your limits!”
              “That's it? Get serious!”
              “Know the horror in betraying me!”
              “Thought you wanted revenge!” [after beating Guile]
              “Wah ha ha! I own your power!” [after beating Orochi Iori or Evil Ryu]
    No Caption Provided
    Geese Howard - Fatal Fury
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              “You’re dust!”
    Winning Quotations:
              "... ... ... ... Hmph!" [arms folded]
              "Wah ha ha!"
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “Roll over, dog!”
              “... ... ... I crave your power!”
              “One leader is enough... Die!” [after beating M.Bison]
    No Caption Provided
    Evil RyuStreet Fighter Alpha 2
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
              "I can't stop me!"
    Winning Quotations:
              "... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..." [turns around]
              "Oooh-whoooa!" [powering-up]
    Post-Match Dialogue:
              “... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...!!”
    No Caption Provided
    Orochi Iori - The King of Fighters '97
    Pre-Fight Dialogue:
    Winning Quotations:
    Post-Match Dialogue:
    No Caption Provided
    Olympic Mode Cameos
    Karin KanzukiStreet Fighter Alpha 3
    SagatStreet Fighter
    Lord Raptor - Darkstalkers
    ArthurGhosts ‘n Goblins
    FirebrandGhosts ‘n Goblins
    No Caption Provided
    Olympic Mode Cameos
    Rimururu - Samurai Shodown III
    Jubei Yagyu - Samurai Shodown
    Marco Rossi - Metal Slug
    Fiolina “Fio” Germi - Metal Slug 2
    Mars People - Metal Slug 2
    No Caption Provided
    Other Cameos
    Vega Street Fighter II 
    BalrogStreet Fighter II
    SagatStreet Fighter
    No Caption Provided
    Other Cameos
    Billy KaneFatal Fury
    Ripper and HopperFatal Fury

    Named Teams

    Two Person Teams

    • Anti Orochis: Iori, Kyo
    • Avenging Duo: Chun-Li, Guile
    • Big Brothers:  Ryo, Dan
    • Cherry Wish:  Ryu, Sakura
    • Crushers: Zangief, Haohmaru
    • Dark Duo:  Iori, Akuma
    • Double Ryu:  Ryu, Evil Ryu
    • Evil Hunger:  M. Bison, Geese
    • Fight Queens: Mai Shiranui, Chun Li
    • Fire Fists : Ken, Kyo
    • Team Samurai: Haohmaru, Nakoruru
    • Heroines: Athena, Sakura
    • Iori Twins:  Iori, Orochi Iori
    • Killer Wave:  Evil Ryu, Akuma
    • Kyokugen Duo: Yuri, Ryo
    • Naked Force: Zangief, Felicia
    • Narcissists: Dan, Yuri
    • Nightmares:  Evil Ryu, Orochi Iori
    • Orochi Power: Iori, Leona
    • Psycho Force : M.Bison, Athena
    • Punishers:  Nakoruru, Morrigan
    • Sexy Bombers: Mai, Morrigan
    • Snow Duet:  Zangief, Nakoruru
    • Soldiers: Leona, Guile
    • Superstars: Athena, Felicia
    • Team Mighty: Ryu, Kyo
    • Team Schizo:  Yuri, B.B. Hood
    • The Rivals: Ryu, Ken
    • The Rollers: Felicia, Akari
    • The Ronins : Athena, Kyo
    • The Shamans:  Akari, Nakoruru
    • USA Heroes:  Terry, Ken
    • Vampire Tag: Felicia, Morrigan
    • Wild Combo: Dan, Sakura
    • Wild Flowers Team: Yuri, Sakura
    • Wild Hunger:  Terry, Geese

    Three Person Teams

    • Band Power: Kyo, Iori, Terry, Athena, Nakoruru (Any 3)
    • Fellows: Ryu, Ken, Akuma
    • Go Sakura! - Sakura, Dan, Chun-Li
    • Mighty Trio : Dan, Ryo, Yuri
    • New South : Ryo, Terry, Mai
    • SNK Heroes: Terry, Kyo, Ryo
    • SNK Heroines: Mai, Athena, Yuri
    • Team SF2: Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Guile, Zangief (Any 3)
    • Team Vampire: Felicia, Morrigan, B.B. Hood
    • The Blades: Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Akari
    • The Chosen:   M. Bison, Chun-Li, Guile
    • USA Dream: Ken, Guile, Terry

    Special Fights

    Certain matchups of fighters in the game will set off special pre-match dialogues and animations. These primarily include fights between a fighter and their rival or fights between characters from the same series (example: Chun-Li and M. Bison from Street Fighter II).
    • Akuma vs. Dark Ryu
    • Akuma vs. Iori Yagami
    • Athena Asamiya vs. Athena Asamiya
    • Athena Asamiya vs. Sakura Kasugano
    • Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui
    • Dan Hibiki vs. Ryo Sakazaki
    • Dan Hibiki vs. Yuri Sakazaki
    • Felicia vs. B.B.Hood
    • Guile vs. Leona
    • Haohmaru vs. Zangief
    • Kyo Kusanagi vs. Iori Yagami
    • Kyo Kusanagi vs. Ken Masters
    • Kyo Kusanagi vs. Ryu
    • M.Bison vs. Chun-Li
    • M.Bison vs. Geese Howard  
    • M.Bison vs. Guile
    • Mai Shiranui vs. Morrigan Aensland
    • Mai Shiranui vs. Terry Bogard
    • Morrigan vs. B.B.Hood
    • Nakoruru vs. Morrigan
    • Ryo Sakazaki vs. Yuri Sakazaki
    • Ryu vs. Ken Masters
    • Ryu vs. Sakura Kasugano
    • Sakura Kasugano vs. Dan Hibiki
    • Terry Bogard vs. Geese Howard
    • Terry Bogard vs. Ken Masters
    • Terry Bogard vs. Ryo Sakazaki


    Match of the Millenium features nine main stages each with slightly differing "Night" and "Noon" versions. In addition, there are a few backgrounds that will only appear during the main tourney mode including M. Bison and Geese's secret lair.
    • Dotonbori, JapanOsaka's Prime Stomping Grounds ( Based on real life metropolitan Japan.)
    • Front Line, BrazilBattlefield in Amazon Jungle (Based on the Ikari Warriors stage from King of Fighters ’94.)
    • Aensland Island, EnglandScottish Abode of Morrigan (Based on Morrigan’s stage in Darkstalkers.)
    • Sujaku Castle, Japan -- The Uncharted Castle of Legend (Based on Ryu’s stage in Street Fighter.)
    • Final Arena, GermanyKrauser's Old Operation Base (Based on Krauser’s stage in Fatal Fury 2.)
    • The Great Wall, ChinaAncient Barrier to Invaders (Based on Chun-Li’s stage in Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior’s Dream.)
    • Gairyu Island, JapanIsland of the Samurai (Based on Haohmaru’s stage in Samurai Spirits.)
    • Grand Railroad, AmericaGreat Rail of Wilderness (Based on Terry’s Stage in Fatal Fury 2.)
    • Point 48106, ???Evil Fortress of Shadaloo (Based on M. Bison’s stage in Street Fighter Alpha 3.)

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