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    Snoopy Flying Ace

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 02, 2010

    Snoopy Flying Ace is a Xbox Live Arcade game featuring Snoopy and other Peanuts characters dogfighting in World War I themed combat planes in a similar style to Crimson Skies.

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    Snoopy Flying Ace is a flight combat game developed by Smart Bomb Interactive and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox Live Arcade. It is the sequel to Snoopy vs. the Red Baron and features online gameplay for up to 16 players. Along with a mission-based campaign; it features a leveling system that sees you unlocking new things such as weapons, planes and characters as you gain experience points by destroying enemy planes. 
    • Players 1-2
    • Co-op 1-2
    • HDTV 1080p
    • In-game Dolby Digital
    • Online Multiplayer 2-16
    • Co-op 1-2
    • Content Downloads
    • Leaderboards
    • Voice


    There are a wide variety of characters from the Peanuts universe that the player can choose from when beginning a game. Whichever character is selected will not affect gameplay beyond aesthetics. The available characters include: 


    There are also a number of airplanes to choose from when selecting a character. Unlike the characters, these planes differ in their handling, health, and speed statistics. Through these, the planes fall into a light, medium, and heavy classifications. A light plane can outmaneuver a medium or heavy plane, but will be easily shot down. On the flipside, a heavier plane will have more difficulty maneuvering but can stand up to heavy gunfire. Experimenting with different plane types depending on the mission, map, and opponents is key to obtaining victory. 


    After selecting a character and airplane, the player must then select two secondary weapons to go along with standard mounted machine guns. The choices are: 
    • Blunderbuss
    Basically, a mounted shotgun. This weapon is only effective at very close range, but it is devastating when it can get close enough. 
    • Comet Rockets
    These are basically cluster missiles. They are fairly effective at medium range when they can establish a lock on the target. 
    EMPLlike an EMP in other games, the EMP disorients other players, damaging them and throwing them off course.
    • Leech
    This rocket, when it homes in on an enemy, attaches itself to the enemy plane and explodes a few seconds later. The ensuing explosion is usually a one-hit-kill but the leech can be shaken off with a maneuver. 
    • Molten Flail
    These medieval-esque spiked balls hang below the plane, but can be activated to catch on fire and start spinning. Devastating if rammed into an opponent. 
    • Rain Maker
    Another set of machine guns to complement the other machine guns. The work best if fired in tandem with the other machine guns. 
    • Squitos
    Aerial mines that hang out where they were dropped and pelt any opponent that gets too close to them. 
    • Swarm
    Similar to the Comet Rockets, but with poison. They cause progressive damage but do less immediate damage upon impact than the Comet Rockets. 
    • Tarpedo
    A sticky bomb, remote detonated. 
    • Wingman
    Essentially, a homing missile, but it can go after another target once it finds its first target. 
    • Silver Bullet
    Fires a massive bullet straight ahead. No homing capabilities, but it will destroy whoever it hits and keep on going through them. 
    B.A.M. Another aerial mine, but it is to be used defensively: when dropped it will attract homing weapons.    
    • Big Bang
    Similar to the Silver Bullet, it fires several weaker fireballs straight ahead.    

    Multi player maps

       There are a total of eight multi player maps that come with the game with two new maps released for 80 Microsoft points.

    • Toulon
    • Sand Sphinx
    • Ice Grotto
    • City of Lights
    • Desert Tracks
    • Lost Island
    • Frozen Fjord
    • L'Barrage
    Aces Airway  - DLCKaiser's Spike - DLC 


    Two New Airplanes 

    Whirlybird w/ Sniper Rifle weaponDragonfly w/ Jammer Weapon

    Avatar Awards

    There are 2 avatar awards to be earned. 
    Charlie Brown's T-Shirt - Obtain at least one medal in each mission.
    Red Baron Suit - (Achievement:  Flying Ace) Reach the Flying Ace rank in Xbox Live public matches.       


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