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Like almost every other review out there, this game came out of no where and was a big surprise. Graphics were pretty, controls felts good, and it's only ten bucks. It could also be the lack of an arcade flying like game. We have come things that are close, but nothing that really just took the complexity of it all a notch or two to have the masses enjoy it. And that is what this game does perfectly, after my first matches I knew how to dodge heat seeker missiles, dodge enemy fire, and what weapons fit my best playing style.  Oh and did I mention the leveling up multiplayer system? With achievements which are hard to get, but not impossible. They are ones you will be proud playing to unlock and have in your collection. Plus and awesome Charlie Brown t-shirt for your avatar!
That said I do have tiny gripes with it. First off I am super bummed they decided to take out the platforming element that the original trailer showed. If you have not seen it, look it up on it looked pretty solid to me. Secondly the single player of it is super short and kind of bland. Sure you can play them again for higher ranks and medals, but there is no reason you would want to beside that. But it really it is a training tool for the online multiplayer aspect. If you only intend to play this for the single player, then I advise you to save your bucks. 
Let me finish by saying that this game is only $10, an amazing value. If you enjoy online competitive action, this is a super high recommendation from me.

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