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    Snorlax is the sleeping Pokemon. It only wakes up to eat. Snorlax is the evolved form of Munchlax.

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    Pokemon No. 143


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    Snorlax is a rare pokemon first found in Pokemon Red/Blue. Snorlax vaguely resembles a hibernating bear. One of the biggest and heaviest Pokemon, weighing over half a ton, Snorlax has a reputation for eating and sleeping. Snorlax has the abilties Immunity (Prevents Poison) and Thick Fat (Resistance to Fire and Ice). Though lethargic and slow, these are nonetheless some of the strongest Pokemon in the game, with high health and normal attack ratings.

    In the games Red/Blue/Yellow Snorlax is asleep and blocking the roads on Route 12 and Route 16, and must be awoken using a Pokeflute. Once Snorlax is awake he will attack the player, and the player must eather capture with a pokeball or defeat the Snorlax to continue. This is the only chance the player will have to catch a Snorlax for the remainder of the game, as they cannot be found in long grass.

    Similarly, in Pokemon Gold/Silver/ Crystal, a Snorlax can be found blocking the road in front of Diglett's Cave outside of Vermilion City. Rather than use the PokeFlute, the player must restore the ability to get radio on his phone and play the PokeFlute song to wake it up. There is only one Snorlax in those games.

    Snorlax lays another beatdown.
    Snorlax lays another beatdown.

    For the first two generations, Snorlax was a single evolution. However, from the release of Diamond/Pearl , Snorlax has been blessed with a younger evolution in Munchlax, another Pokemon known for eating anything it gets its hands on.

    Snorlax also appears in the Super Smash Bro´s Games, where he will pop out of a Pokeball and jump into the air. When he falls, covering a large portion of the screen, any player he lands on is hit for massive damage.

    Pokedex Text

    Throughout the series, Snorlax's Pokedex descriptions tend to agree on a few things. First, Snorlax tends to do nothing but sleep and eat. Its stomach makes a loud sound that some may confuse for a cry and eat can truly eat anything-its stomach can dissolve the strongest poisons and moldy food is just food for it. A typical meal consists of about 880 pounds (or half its weight) and it is generally docile, even so much that children use its belly to play on.


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