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Snow Bros. is an action game developed by Toaplan and published by Capcom for multiple platforms.


Much like Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros takes place on single screens where the objective is to "trap" enemies and then destroy them via chain reactions. In this game, the enemies are trapped by shooting snow at them: when enough snow has been thrown at an enemy, they become a snowball that can be pushed around and/or kicked. If a snowball is left idle for too long, the enemy will break free. Kicking the snowball causes it to ricochet around the stage, taking out any foes in its path. The snowball (and the enemy within it) is destroyed upon hitting the bottom walls of the screen. Other snowballs can be launched when a moving snowball hits it. This creates the ability to setup chain reactions. The best way to rack up points is to create a chain reaction that kills every enemy on screen with a single kick of a snowball.

When enemies are destroyed, they leave behind a food item (often sushi or ice cream) worth points upon collecting. If you manage to do a 100% chain reaction, large tickets appear from the top of the screen, worth 10000 points each. You can move on to the next stage/screen after killing all enemies. Time is limited in each screen- taking too long results in an invincible monster appearing to chase and kill you (another similarity to Bubble Bobble).

There are several power ups (resembling potions) available to the player, which spawn at random from a dead enemy. Red potions increase the speed of your character; Blue potions increase the strength of your snow (meaning you can make enemies into snowballs faster), and Yellow increases your range. Green potions engage a bonus stage that fills the screen with new enemies, each representing a letter of the word "BONUS". Each one you kill results in you earing the corresponding letter- getting all of them results in a 1-UP. The final power up inflates your character into a balloon, which makes you invincible and able to move throughout the stage quickly- any contact with enemies kills them.

Every 10 stages ends in a boss encounter.

The NES version of the game introduces cut scenes and a more fleshed out story. However, this version has many of the stages and enemy layouts altered from the arcade version. A Mega Drive version came out in Japan and Europe and is something of a collectiors item- garnering high prices on Auctions. An official sequel called Snow Bros 2: With New Elves came out shortly after. A homebrew Snow Bros 3 was made and distributed in South America.


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