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Snow Day: The GapKids Quest is a collection of mini-games developed and published by BrandGames for the PC and Mac in 2000. Snow Day was created for the GAP Kids stores. Snow Day is comprised of five different mini-games, two of which are locked and must have a code entered to unlock them. GAP Kids stores were running a promotion where the store would have to be checked back with at a later date to receive the codes.


Snowed In

Snowed in is a Pac-Man clone where instead of eating dots, the player must shovel all the snow out of the maze.

Snowman Match

Snowman Match is a memory game in which the object is to observe four snowmen. When the snowmen melt away new ones will spring up in their place and the player must put them in the same order they were in before.

Snowboard Slalom

Snowboard Slalom is a top down scrolling snowboard game. The object is to reach the bottom of the hill before the time runs out while avoiding obstacles.

Skate Race

Skate Race was one of the two unlockable mini-games. Skate Race is a Snake clone where the player is ice skating on a frozen pond collecting GAP clothing. The code to unlock Skate Race is: 894367

Snowball Frenzy

Snowball Frenzy is a first person snow ball throwing game. The object is to hit all the other kids with snowballs. If the player gets hit too many times, the health meter will decrease and the game will end. The code to unlock Snowball Frenzy is: 426985

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