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    A spherical mass of snow designed to be thrown at at people in snowball fights.

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    A snowball is a spherical lump of compacted snow, usually formed by hand. Snowballs are usually formed with the intent to hurl them at other people, or at their place of residence as a form of intimidation. Throwing snowballs at others is often the preamble to a snowball fight, where multiple combatants create a stockpile of snowballs and throw them at an adversary in an attempt to subdue them. A large-scale snowball fight can be enhanced with the creation of a snow fort, which provides some protection as well as a base of operations. On aggressive tactic in a snowball fight is to roll a stone inside the snowball, though this is usually considered bad form as it can lead to serious injury.

    Snowballs have appeared in some video games as weapons, with varying levels of power depending on the game. In the fantastical Snow Bros, the snowball is the main attack of the game's two protagonists, Nick and Tom.


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