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Evolution Snowboarding takes place in the year 20XX. The slopes have been overtaken by strange creatures called Boardroids. There are 8 areas that will be cleared when the boss of that territory has been defeated. The game features 10 real snowboarders and a soundtrack containing only Roadrunner Records artists. 
The Pro Snowboarders include Danny Kass, Peter Line, Todd Richards, Kevin Jones, J.P. Walker, Bjorn Leines, Tina Basich, Travis Rice, Kelly Clark & Rio Tahara. When selecting a character, each person was presented as if they were action figures in a package.
Enemy Types 
Underground People - Donning gas masks, they attack in droves. They are weakened by sunlight. 
Cage Freekz (Cage People) - The jailers and torturers of Bat Castle. Nothing thrills them more than the pain of others. 
Boomer - This Boomtown boss carriers a chainsaw containing an industrial strength engine. Embodies "evil". 
Shogun - The Samurai-boarder who guards Shogun City with madness and violence. He wields his sword as if he was the grim reaper. 
Slipknot - Spit It Out 
goneblind - Rescue Me 
Killswitch Engage - Life To Lifeless 
Murderdolls - Dead In Hollywood 
Chimaira - Let Go 
36 Crazyfists - One More Word 
Stone Sour - Get Inside 
Five Pointe O - Breathe Machine


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