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A soccer ball as seen in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.
A soccer ball as seen in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

Soccer balls, also known as footballs are spherical balls inflated with air. Originally, Soccer balls were created with inflated pigs' bladders, though modern day Soccer balls are designed with exact specifications and are created most commonly using leather and are constructed to be waterproof so that rain cannot have an affect on the weight of the ball, thus altering the game.

Different ball sizes are used for different modalities of the sport. Regular soccer balls have 32 panels and the new team geist balls have 14 panels or patches that cover the ball.

Size 5: circumference of 68–70 c m or 27–28 inches and weighs about 410–450 grams or 14–16 ounces.

Uses for different sizes:

  • Size 5- regular grass soccer.
  • Size 4- Indoor soccer, Soccer 7 (smaller field only 7 players)
  • Size 3- Futsal
When a soccer ball goes to the net, it's a goal for a team.
When a soccer ball goes to the net, it's a goal for a team.

Soccer balls are most popular in the FIFA Soccer series created by EA Sports . The series began in the year 1993 and a new version of the series is released annually. Other popular series which include soccer balls are Pro Evolution Soccer also known as Winning Eleven in Japan and U.S, however the name Winning Eleven was only used once in the U.S - "Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer", however following iterations dropped the name "Winning Eleven" and reduced the title to Pro Evolution Soccer. The Mario Strikers series used the soccer ball so Mario and his crew can play soccer in the Mushroom Kingdom. The traditional ball is used for Super Mario Strikers, while the metallic version is used for the sequel, Mario Strikers Charged.

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