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    Soccer Player

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    A person who plays football (soccer). Eleven of these make up a team.

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    A footballer is a person who plays in various games known as " football" – especially association football, although the term is also used to refer to participants in Australian rules football and Gaelic football. In North America, one who plays American and Canadian football is called a "football player" while one who participates in association football is usually referred to as a "soccer player".

    The soccer player's job is to play soccer. What he must do is work as a team with his other team mates in order to score goals. A soccer player can have different positions on the pitch such as mid-fielder. A soccer player is bound to a team by a contract. Said contract says how long the player is to stay in a certain team and how much he is to be paid. Soccer players often switch teams and are often bought by teams for large sums of money.

    The soccer player's boss is the coach also known as the manager.

    For video games, the soccer player's face is usually where all the hard work goes into. EA owns the official FIFA license and this allows them to make very realistic models of the players. Sometimes, they go as far as to recreate each players specific moves as seen in Pro Evolution Soccer.


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